What Type Of Services You Should Disable in Window 10 for Better Performance?

If the user wants Window 10 to perform better, then you should disable some services for better performance. In this article, you will read the type of services you should disable in Window 10 for better performance. For more info, the user should visit to the site of Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.  

Types of Services You Should Disable In Window 10 for Better Performance:

1. Windows Defender & Firewall Service:

In case, the user do not have third party antivirus installed in their system then the Windows Defender Firewall is useful. But, firewall blocks the programs and also the multiplayer games. In this situation, you should temporarily disable WDF service before playing the game. Hence, you should disable Windows Defender services to improve the performance and then again you sold turn on the Windows Defender in your device.

2. Windows Mobile Hotspot Service:

Through, Windows Mobile Hotspot Service the user can share the mobile device’s internet connection with the laptop or PC. With this, the user can share a Wi-Fi, Ethernet or data connection. The customer should turn off Windows 10 service for better performance.

3:  Bluetooth Support Service:

Through, Bluetooth you can wirelessly connect devices such as speakers, with the computer. Keep in mind Bluetooth connectivity is not essential for Windows 10. So, if the users don’t have Bluetooth devices to connect then they should turn off Bluetooth service.

4: Print Spooler:

The Printer Spooler has multiple print jobs which is required for printing. If the customers don’t have printers, then they should turn off Windows 10 service in order to improve performance. In case, the user have printer, then they should temporarily disable it before they play a game and again, enable it.

5: Fax:

As you all know that fax is outdated service, so this is clear Fax service is not required. In this situation, you should disable Fax service as it affects Windows 10 performance. Windows 10 service, generally slow down the system performance so you should disable it.

6. Remote Desktop Configuration and Remote Desktop Services:

With Remote desktop utility, the users can easily connect to another PC. Through, Remote Desktop Configuration and Remote Desktop Services you can remove desktop connectivity. Hence, if the user doesn’t want remote connectivity then they should temporarily disable it before you play the game.

7: Windows Insider Service:

As you know that the Window Insider Service helps the users to get the knowledge of future Windows 10 releases before it comes to the public. Hence, if this is not very necessary for the users, then they should disable Windows Insider program for better gaming experience. But the user can enable it, if they want.

8. Secondary Logon:

Windows 10 Secondary log service helps the administrators to log on with non-administrator account. Through this they can perform administrative tasks without signing out. The user can disable the unnecessary service in Windows 10, for better gaming experience.

The above are some of the services which you can disable in Window 10 for better performance. If the customer requires help related to Window 10, then they can visit to the site via office.com/myaccount.