What to do “When Arrow Keys are not Working” in Excel?

Microsoft Office is the amazing software which includes applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook etc. The functionality of every application is different and provides enormous benefit to the user. This software is very easy to use and if the user does not have the knowledge of coding then also it makes the common user a professional. MS Office makes the life easy and simpler and you can install this software through www.office.com/setup.

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But sometimes the user face the issue like When Arrow keys is not Working in Excel. This is a very annoying situation and this problem occurs when the Scroll Lock key is enabled, Excel is in Formula Entry mode, freeze panes has locked the visible area, Excel add-in conflict, Excel sheet is protected and also because of complex formulas are processing etc. This problem can occur at any time. In this blog, you will read the solution of when arrow keys are not working in Excel.

Troubleshooting Tips “When Arrow Keys are not Working” in Excel:

  • Disable Scroll Lock Key:

For this, first you have to press Windows + R key to open up the Run dialog box. Then, you have to type “osk” and then just press Enter key to open the On-Screen Keyboard. Now inside the Keyboard interface, you have to click on the ScrLk key to disable it. Now just open an Excel sheet and then just see if the issue is solved or not.

  • Enable Sticky Keys:

For this, first you have to press Windows + R key to open Run dialog box. Then, you have to type “control” and then press Enter to open Control Panel interface. Now in the Control panel, you have to search for “ease of access“. When you find it, you have to click on Ease of Access Center. Now you have to scroll down to Explore all settings and then just click on Make the keyboard easier to use. Again scroll down to Make it easier to type and you have to check the box which turns on Sticky Keys. And then you have to click on Ok button. Check the issue still persists or not.

  • Disable Suspicious Add-in:

First you have to open Excel and then you have to click on File menu which is at the top of the screen. Then you have to click on Options from the left sidebar. Now you have to click on Add-ins from the left sidebar just to see the Excel Add-in setting. From the drop-down menu you have to select Excel Add-ins and then click on Go option. Then, you have to uncheck the checkbox associated with Excel Add-in to disable it and then just click on OK button. You have to repeat the steps, for all the options in the drop down menu to disable all Add-ins. Now you have to restart Excel and then check the issue has stopped or not.

In case, if you are still facing issue then you should call the expert of MS Office on their toll free number. For more assistance, go to the site through office.com/setup.

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