What To Do If WAIT OPERATION TIMED OUT Error Displays on your Screen?

Normally, users face this issue on their PC and get this message. But they can easily this issue, by following the below method. For more assistance, just go to www.office.com/setup.


1. Disable your Antivirus Software:

There are some antivirus tools which interfere with Windows and lead to this problem. Hence to fix this issue, you should open your antivirus and just disable settings. You should temporarily disable your antivirus software. If in case, this doesn’t solve the problem, then just uninstall your security software as it might help you. Remember, an antivirus tool leaves some files and registry entries after removing it. To remove these files, you should use dedicated removal tool for your antivirus. If this process, fixes the issue then just update your antivirus to the latest version. Or, the user can also install different antivirus software which do not interfere in your device and then check the issue is solved.

2. Restart your PC:

The user can fix this issue, just by restarting their PC. When your PC restarts, then check if the issue is fixed or not. If again the issue appears, then you have to move to another solution.

3. Manually Start Application and Run Specific File:

Users usually face this error, when they open multimedia files. But you can fix this message, with simple method. To fix this error message first, you should start your multimedia player. After this, you should visit to the specific multimedia file and then just open it. If everything is fine, then the playback will begin without issues. If the issues again occur then apply this solution every time when you face this problem.

4. Again Open the File:

If the user is facing this error when you open images, then you should wait for few moments. As there are some issues which occur randomly and it fixes with simple process. Hence, you should wait for a few moments and again access the file. If you find issue again, then move to the next solution.

5. Restart Explorer:

Close Windows Explorer Process:

For this, you should tap on Ctrl + Shift + Esc key at the same time to open Task Manager. After this, go to the Processes tab and then choose Windows Explorer from the list and just tap on the Restart button. At the end, your Windows Explorer will restart.

Stop Explorer Process and Again Start it:

The user should start Task Manager. After this, you need to visit to Details tab and then choose explorer.exe and then tap on the End task button. When you end the process, then tap on File and just choose Run new task. Now, you have to input explorer in the field and then hit on OK or Enter button to begin it. When the explorer process restarts, then check the issue is resolved or not.

With this above method, you can fix the issue of Wait Operation Timed Out. For more details, go to office.com/myaccount.