What is the Method to Solve Excel Not Saving Formatting Changes

Sometimes, the users face the issue Excel Not Saving Formatting Changes. The reasons behind this issue are restricted file permission, third party Add-ins, lack of disk storage space, and also due to antivirus software. In this blog, you will read the solution to fix Excel Not Saving Formatting Changes issue. For more details, user can visit Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.

Method to Solve Excel Not Saving Formatting Changes:

1. Date Format Issue In Excel:

To fix this issue, first you have to right-click on the cell which has the date. After this, from the appearing list of options you have to choose Format Cells. Now, you have to visit to the “number” tab, and then from the category list you have to select the “date” and after this, from the type box you have to select the date format according to your requirement.

2. Number Format Issue:

To fix this issue, you should use the fixes such as Paste Special or Error Checking. For this, you should press the cell and then visit to the Home tab from the Excel ribbon. After this, you should tap on the down-arrow sign which is there in the number section. Now, you will see the number format list with the data.

3. Clear Conditional Formatting:

For clearing Conditional Formatting, you have to open Excel workbook. Then, you have to tap on Home button and then click on conditional formatting. After this, you have to tap on clear rules and then click on clear rules from an entire sheet. Now at the bottom of the Excel sheet, you have to select any extra tab and again perform the first step. At this point, you have to select file and then click on save as. At last, you have to make a copy of the spreadsheet.

4. Make A Fresh Start:

This issue occurs when the user open Excel file of one system into another or if the new PC executes the older version of the Excel application. To fix this issue, you have to save your Excel files in native format but not in the older format. Just, click on the ‘Save As’ feature for saving up the Excel file. You can also fix this issue, by transferring data from the current workbook to the new workbook. For help, click on this link office.com/setup.

5. Excel XLS or XLSX File Corruption:

If the user wants to repair corrupt Excel file, then they should use the inbuilt ‘Open or Repair’ tool or you can also use the Excel repair software. And the software repair the damaged Excel file in just 3 simple steps, like Select, Scan, and Save. The user can save the repaired file on the default location. This tool also helps to recover conditional formatting, Chart, and table formatting.

6. Shift Original Worksheets To New One:

First of all, you should add a filler worksheet in your Excel workbook. And for this, you should press Shift+F11 from your keyboard. After this, you should group all the worksheets excluding the filler one. Then, you have to select the first datasheet and then press the shift key. Now, you have to select the very ending datasheet. At this point, you have to right-click on the grouped sheets and then select the option “Move or copy”. Then from the To Book list, you should select the New Book and then press the OK button. Through this method, you have to move your grouped or active worksheets to the new ones.

The above method helps to fix Excel Not Saving Formatting Changes. For help, the user can visit to the site of Microsoft through www.office.com/setup.

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