What is the Method to Remove Blank Rows in MS Excel?

If you are the regular user of Excel application, then you must know how you can remove the blank rows in Excel. So, for assistance you can contact Microsoft via www.office.com/setup. In this blog, you will read ho to remove the blank rows in Excel.

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Method to Remove Blank Rows in MS Excel:

 1: Utilize Go To Special to Delete Blank Rows In Excel:

You should open Excel sheet and then select your data range. After tis, go to Home and then choose Find & Select option and then select Go To Special. Here in the Go To Special dialog box, you should click the ‘Blanks’ radio button and then press OK. Then this will select all the blank cells which you want to delete them Now, you should go to Home and then choose Delete and then select Delete Sheet Rows without clicking anywhere on the sheet. At this point, the entire unfilled rows will be deleted. You can also use the keyboard, just press the given keys after selecting the data: Press: F5 Alt+S K {Enter} Ctrl – {Enter}

 2: Use Excel Find Functionality:

You should select your data set and then press Ctrl + F keys to open the Find and Replace dialog. Now, you should click on the “Options” button and then select “Values” from “Look in” And let the “Find What” text box blank and then click on “Find All”. When “Find and Replace” dialog show the entire blank cells. Then, you should click any one record and then press Ctrl + A for selecting the entire blank cells. After this, you should close the “Find and Replace” dialog and then without clicking anywhere else you should go to Home and then choose Delete and then select Delete Rows. This will remove the entire selected rows. www.office.com/setup

3: Use Key Column:

First, you should select whole table, and then from the 1st to the last row you have to press Ctrl + Home and then press Ctrl + Shift + End. Now, you should add AutoFilter to the table and then go to the Data tab and click on Filter. Here, you should apply the filter to the “Cust #” column and then click the arrow in the column header and then  uncheck the (Select All) check box and after this, just scroll down to the end of the list and then check the checkbox which is at the bottom of the list and then click on OK button. At this point, you should select the entire filtered rows and then press Ctrl + Home and then hit the down-arrow key just to visit to the first data row and then press Ctrl + Shift + End. Here, you should right-click on any selected cell and then select Delete row from the context menu. After this, click OK in the “Delete entire sheet row?” dialog box. Now, you should clear the applied filter: Go to Data tab and then tap on Clear. At last, this will delete blank rows completely.

The above are some of the method which help to delete blank rows in Excel. For more details about Excel app, just go to the MS Office site via office.com/setup.

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