What is the Method to Recover Data from Hard Drive?

If the user find that the hard drive was removed or corrupted then you can easily recover data and you need not to worry. In this blog, you will read how to recover data from hard drive. For more details, just go to the site www.office.com/setup.

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Method to Recover Data from Hard Drive:

  1. Boot in Safe Mode:

It depend upon the Window which you are using. If in case, you are using Windows 7, then you have to press F8 upon startup. Then, you should select Safe Mode from the menu.

If in case, you are using Windows 8 or above then you should press F8 or Shift + F8 upon startup. After this, you need to select Safe Mode from the menu.

Now, you should use the Windows File Explorer in order to find the data which you are looking for and then save them to a different storage device.

At last, just clean your PC with a third-party PC optimizer or an antivirus, and after this, give it a complete reset.

2. Try Recovering your Data Manually:

First, you have to Remove the hard drive from your PC or laptop. Then, you need to connect your old hard drive to a new system just by replacing its existing hard drive. Here, you can slot it into an additional port. But if doesn’t work, then you should buy an enclosure which matches your hard drive’s specs. When you put the HDD into an enclosure then you can connect it to another PC through USB cable.

If the user wants to recover data from a password-protected HDD, then you should depend on the version of Windows which you are dealing with, and just right-click on one of these two folders i.e. Users Folder and Documents and Settings. After this, you need to access the Security tab and then go to Advanced. Now, you should go to the Owner tab, and then select Edit. Here, you need to click on Administrators and then check the box which is labeled as Replace owner on sub containers and objects. At last, you need to press OK button and then click on Yes option if it prompts with a confirmation message. For more details, click on office.com/setup.

3. Use Third-party Data Recovery Tool:

For this, first you need to download and install Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition. After this, you need to select the type of data which you want to recover. Now, you should select the media from which you wish to recover your data. Here, you should choose if you want to perform a normal scan or a deep scan. Then, you need to press Scan, and just wait for Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition to find everything. At this point, you will receive a message which lets you know how many files have been found and also tell you the data which is recoverable. Here, you should choose which data you want to recover. Then, you need to select a location on your PC in order to store the recovered data. At last, just wait for Stellar Data Recovery Free edition to perform the recovery.

4. Use Local PC Repair Centers:

If the above mentioned steps do not work then you should take your desktop or your laptop to the local repair service, and just tell them what you want to recover. Finally, wait for them to contact you again.

For more information about hard drive, just visit to the site of Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.

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