What is the Method to Increase Laptop Volume Beyond 100% in Window 10?

There are so many ways through which you can increase the laptop volume. For this, you can use set of speakers, sound enhancing software and video player. In this blog, you will read the method to increase laptop volume beyond 100% in Window 10. For more help, the user can go to www.office.com/setup.

Method to Increase Laptop Volume Beyond 100% in Window 10:

1. Add Boom 3D Sound Enhancer to Windows:

To increase the sound, you should add Boom 3D sound enhancer. This will help you to create your own preset and also helps to boost your laptop volume over its basic 100%.It helps you to increase the volume without damaging your speakers or headphones.It gives you clean sound and the frequencies will not interfere. Here, you can also add multiple sound effects which helps to raise your laptop volume over 100%.

2. Select Loudness Equalizer option in Windows:

You should right-click on the volume icon in the notification area and then select Open sound settings. After this, you have to select Sound Control Panel. Now, you should click on Speakers and then select the Properties button. At this point, you should select the Enhancement tab on the Speakers Properties window. Here, you should choose the Loudness Equalizer checkbox on the Enhancement tab. At last, you should press Apply and OK buttons to close the window. For help, just visit office.com/setup.

3. Add VLC Media Player to Windows:

You should press the Download VLC button on the VLC homepage in order to save the media player’s setup wizard to Windows. Now, you should open the VLC setup wizard to install the software. At this point, you should open the VLC window. Here, you have to select Preferences on the Tools menu. Or, you can press Ctrl + P hotkey in order to open VLC’s Preferences window. After this, you should select All radio button which is at the bottom left of the Interface Settings tab. Then, you have to enter the keyword maximum volume in the search box. Next, you should click on Qt to open Qt interface settings. You have to Input 300 in the Maximum volume displayed text box. Now, you should press the Save button to apply the new setting. Here, you should close and then reopen the VLC media player in order to restart the software. At last, VLC’s volume bar will be up at 300% and not 125%.

4. Add the Volume Booster Extension to Chrome:

For this, you have to open the web page and then press the green button in order to add the extension to Chrome and then restart the browser. At this point, you should press Volume Booster button on Chrome’s toolbar in order to boost the sound. Here, you should press the Turn off button to get back the browser back to the original volume. Now, you can install Chrome extensions on Edge.

The above method will help you to increase laptop volume beyond 100% in Window 10. If the customer need any kind of help, then go to www.office.com/setup.

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