What is the Method To Import and Export Chrome Bookmarks?

If the user wants to switch from one browser to another or if they want to backup their information, then they have to export and import history, bookmarks which is stored on the web browser. In this blog, you will read how you can import and export Chrome Bookmarks to Safari and Mac. But if the user need help, then just contact Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.

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Export bookmarks from Google Chrome to Safari:

First, you should go to your Google Chrome web browser and then just find the menu. After this, you should locate to Bookmarks. Then, see the Bookmark Manager.  Remember, you can create a file with bookmarks on your device from your browser. Now, you should click on the button with three dots and then choose Export bookmarks. Here, you should save the HTML file where you want to on your computer system.

Import Chrome Bookmarks to Safari:

First, you should open the Safari browser. Then in the top menu bar, you should click on the File section and then you have to locate to Import option. At this point, you should click on Bookmarks HTML file. After this, you should select the file which you have saved and then Import. Here, you will see all the needed bookmarks will display on the browser.

Import bookmarks to Safari on iPhone vis iCloud:

You have to open System preferences. And then you should click on iCloud and Bookmarks. Here, you have to select Safari and then all the information will be synced. www.office.com/setup

Import Google Chrome bookmarks to Safari from iTunes:

First, you should connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac device through USB cable. Then, you have to run iTunes on Mac. Now, you should click on the device and then select Info. After this, you should select Sync Bookmarks from Safari and then select Apply option.

Export bookmarks through Chrome settings to Mac:

For this, first you have to find the Google Chrome icon on your Mac computer. Then, you have to launch the browser and just click on the three-dot (or arrow) icon which you is located on your upper right hand side of your screen. When a drop-down list displays on your screen, then you should opt for the Bookmark option. After this, you have to move further with the Bookmark Manager. Here, you should select the Bookmarks menu and then just click on the three dots which is on your upper right hand side of your screen. If another menu displays, you should select the option which says “Export Bookmarks”. Now, the finder will displays and then you can pick any bookmark to export. After this, you should select the location where you wish to transfer the component. At last, you should press “Save” option to confirm the changes.

The above method will help you to import and export Chrome bookmarks. For more details, you can call the expert of MS Office via office.com/setup.

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