What is the Method To Fix Window 11 Not Detecting PS5 Controller?

Keep in mind PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Controller is best for long gaming session. But if Window 11 is not detecting PS5 Controller, then you should read the below method to fix issues with PS5 controller. For more detailed information, go to www.office.com/setup.

Method To Fix Window 11 Not Detecting PS5 Controller:

1. Fix Issue via Settings Menu:

For this, hit on the Start icon. Now, you should hit on Settings. After this, you should tap on Bluetooth & devices which is in the Settings menu. Now, you should check if Bluetooth is turned On. If it is not turned on, then tap on the switch in order to turn it on. Here in your PS5 controller, you need to tap on Share and PlayStation button till the light flashes so that you put it into pairing mode. Next in your PC, you should tap on the Add device button or the Add device window which is located at the top. At this point, you should choose Bluetooth in order to pair your PS5 controller. Then, the DualSense will display as Wireless Controller. Here, you should enter your computer’s PIN to connect. At this point, you should enter your PIN and then hit on Connect. Just you should wait for the pairing to finish. At last, you should check your Settings menu that controller has been paired.

2. Fix via DS4Windows:

First, you should download DS4Windows. After this, you need to tap on Download button which is in the corner just to download DS4Windows. Then in the next window, you should tap on blue Download button. Next, you should tap on Zip file which downloads. At this point, you should highlight the file and then tap on Extract. Here, you should select the location to extract the file and then tap on OK button. Just you should navigate where the file is located. Next, you should double tap on DS4Windows in order to open the app. At this point, you should tap on Install ViGEmBus Driver. You will view an installation wizard will display on your screen. You just have to accept the terms and tap on Install button and then hit on Finish button. After this in DS4Windows, you should tap on the Controllers tab. Just you have to check that your controller is on and it is connected to the Computer. In the setting menu, you should visit to the Bluetooth & devices section. Now, you will view the DualSense is connected. But if you find it isn’t connected, then you should tap on Add device. Here, you should tap on Share and PlayStation button which is on your controller. Then the light will begin blinking which shows it is looking for a computer to pair up with. Next in your PC, you should choose Bluetooth and then choose Wireless Controller. At this point, you should add your computer’s PIN. When you connect, then you should go back to DS4Windows.  Then, you will view your DualSense controller which is connected to DS4Windows. In case, it doesn’t show then you should connect through Bluetooth and use USB cable and just connect controller to the PC. If you wish to reconfigure the controller, then tap on Edit option. At last, you should change things such as analog stick sensitivity, touchpad, internal gyroscope and other.

Through this way, you can fix the issue of Window 11 Not Detecting PS5 Controller. For more details, hit on office.com/myaccount.