What is the Method To Fix Lenovo B590 Audio Problems in Window 10?

If the user experience Lenovo B590 audio problems in Window 10, then it might be because of driver issues. To fix this issue, you should check the cables and connections and update the drivers. For help, visit to www.office.com/setup.  

Method To Fix Lenovo B590 Audio Problems in Window 10:

1. Check your Cable Connection:

First, you should check all the cable connections for the sound system. If in case, you find issues there, then you cannot be able to continue. At this point, you should also check if the jacks are correctly plugged in and also the cables are in order. The user can also use other audio cables.

2. Update Audio Driver:

To update, you should right-tap on the Start button and then choose Device Manager Option from the list. Now in the left side panel, you should double tap on the Sound, video and game controllers feature. Then in the sub-menu, you should check if your sound card is listed and also check if it hasn’t any yellow exclamation mark. In case, it has not, then you should visit to the manufacturer’s website and just download the latest driver. In case, there is yellow exclamations mark which is next to the driver and then right tap on the driver. Here, you should hit on the Properties feature from the menu. At this point, you should hit on the Driver tab which is on the upper side of the Properties window. Next, you have to choose Update driver from the menu. At last, follow the instructions to complete the update and Reboot your system.

3. Run Audio Troubleshooters:

Run Playing Audio troubleshooter:

For this, you should write troubleshooter in Windows search and then hit on Troubleshoot settings from results. Now in the next windows, you should tap on Additional troubleshooters. From the next window, you should hit on Playing Audio troubleshooter and then tap on Run the troubleshooter button. Here in the next window, you should choose the device which you wish to troubleshoot. Then, it will ask that you wish to turn off audio enhancements. At this point, it will ask that wish to set audio device as default, then tap on Apply this fix. At the end, the computer will scan for issues with your playback device and just fix it.

Run Recording Audio troubleshooter:

In the additional troubleshooter’s page, you should scroll down to locate the Recording Audio troubleshooter and then tap on it. After this, you should tap on the Run this troubleshooter button. At last, you should follow the directions to fix the issues.

4. Install Lenovo’s Troubleshooting Tool:

To install, you should download Lenovo Solution Center app for Windows. After this, you should open the Readme file to complete the installation process. At last, follow the process to fix the issues.

5. Install Pending OS Updates:

To install updates, you should write update in Windows search and then choose Check for updates from the results. After this, you should hit on Check for updates button. Now, you should install all the available updates by following the steps on the screen. At this point, you should Reboot the device when the updates finished installing. At the end, just check the sound is back or not.

Through this way, you can fix Lenovo B590 Audio problems in Window 10. For detailed information, go to MS Office site via office.com/myaccount