What is the Method to Fix Excel Text To Column Not Working Issue?

Excel is the commonly used application of MS Office and can install via www.office.com/setup. But sometimes users encounter issue like Excel Text to Column not working. So in this blog, you will read the solution to fix Excel Text to Column Not working.

Method to Fix Excel Text To Column Not Working Issue:

Method 1.  Use Data As A Split Point:

To fix the issue, you should split Excel data into two different columns. Here, you have to make use of the space like a split point.

1: Select The Data:

For this, first of all you have to select the data and then you should visit to the data tab from the Excel ribbon. Here, you have to choose the text to columns.

2: Select Between The Fixed With Data & Delimited Option:

As the data is already separated with space, hence the characters like commas just separate each of the field. So, here you have to use the “delimited” option in order to convert text to columns in Excel.

3: Choose The Data Split Point:

In the open Convert Text to Columns box, you have to choose Delimited option and then click on Next. But your data is not split into the columns, so for this you should check the “space” option. When you will do this, then you will view your data gets split where the space comes in the path. Now in the red-box, you can view the preview of your data that how your data will look after splitting. There is a vertical black line which separates your worksheet data into different columns. Lastly, just check your data is been splited correctly or not.

4: Assign The Destination:

When you check out each point in the preview sections, then you have to press Next. After this, you have to choose the destination location which means where you have to keep the split data into your worksheet. Finally, you need to hit on the finish button. For details, hit on office.com/setup.

Method 2. Using The Fixed Width Method:

1: Select The Data:

First, you have to choose the data which you want to split. Now, you should go to Data tab and then click on Text to Columns. Here from the opened Text to Columns Wizard, you should select the Fixed width option.

2: Choose The Data Split Point:

You have to press the next button. Then, you will view the preview of split Excel data.If in case, Excel is not showing correctly then you can make some changes.For this,you have to click on the preview option in order to add the line from where each line will get split. You have to double-click on the line if you wish to remove it. After this, you have to Tap and drag the split line in order to shift to other location. Now, you have to press Next button. Here, you have to choose how you can import each of the new columns.If in case, the user wish to import worksheet column with the same data format then they should tap to that column and then select General option from the column data type.

3: Set The Destination For New Data:

You have to keep split data in different location. It is suggested you should not keep it over the place where you place the original data. Otherwise, it will overwrite your original data. After this, tap on the Finish button just for splitting up your cell text into columns.

The above method will help you to fix Excel text to column not working issue. If the customer need help, then navigate to www.office.com/setup.

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