What is the Method to Fix BCD Error in Window 11?

Normally, BCD error arises in your device if a hard drive fails and it will stop your computer from booting. To fix this issue, you should do a BCD rebuild by using USB drive. For detailed help, visit www.office.com/myaccount. Given below are some of the methods to fix BCD error in Window 11.

Method to Fix BCD Error in Window 11:

  • Rebuild BCD:

Create Bootable Drive:

For this, the user should visit to Microsoft’s official website and then download the Media Creation Tool. After this, you should connect a USB drive with at least 8GB storage. Now, you have to run the Media Creation Tool and then tap on Accept for the terms and agreement. At this point, you should select the Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO File) option and then tap on Next option to proceed. Here, you have to choose language, architecture and edition from the drop-down menus and then just tap on Next button. Next, you have to select USB flash drive as the media to use. At the end, you should wait for the method to get completed.

Rebuild BCD:

To rebuild, you should connect the bootable USB to the available ports. After this, you should choose the Windows key and then tap on the Power button. Next, you should hit on Restart button to begin the troubleshooting process through Advanced Startup option. At this point, you will view a new window displays with a set of options and then choose Troubleshoot option. Here, you should choose Advanced options and then choose Command Prompt. Then in the command window, you should write the below command prompt and then hit on Enter key:

bootrec /rebuildbcd

When you type in the command prompt, you will view one of two screens. If you view the screen displays, then write the command prompts just by tapping on Enter key after each command:

attrib c:\boot\bcd -s -h -r

ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old

bootrec /rebuildbcd

At last, when the screen displays then you have to restart your Computer system.

  • Reset Windows:

To reset Windows, you should first tap on the Windows key + S altogether and then write recovery options. After this, you should choose Restart now button in the next window and then tap on Enter key. Here, you should choose Keep my files option if you don’t wish to lose your files. At the end, just wait for the method to finish.

  • Perform System Restore:

To perform System Restore, you should tap on the Windows key + S at the same time and then write system restore and then hit on Enter key. After this, you should choose the restore point which you wish to revert to and then hit on Next option. At the end, you should follow the directions to finish the process.

The above procedure will help you to fix BCD Error in Window 11. If user still experiences the error, then they should visit to the site of MS Office official site via office.com/setup.

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