What is the Best Way to Solve Window Activation Error Code 0xc004f213?

There are so many versions of Windows available for the convenience of the user. But if the user wants the latest version, then just upgrade it. Sometimes, customer encounters issues while upgrading Windows and results in Window Activation Error. So, in this blog you will read the solution to fix Window Activation Error code 0xc004f213. For guidance, the user can visit MS Office site via www.office.com/setup.

Method to Solve Window Activation Error Code 0xc004f213:

  1. Buy Product Key:
  2. You have to tap on the Start option and then you need to open Settings.
  3. Now, you should hit on Update and Security option and then navigate to Activation.
  4. At this point, you need to choose “Go to Microsoft Office Store”.
  5. After this, you will receive the option of New Window License.
  6. Here, you need to hit on fill the requested details.
  7. When you get your new license, then you have to get back to Update and Security.
  8. Then, you need to click on Activation and then just hit on “Edit Product Key”.
  9. At last, you have to update with a new key.
  10. Reconstruct Activation Token File:
  11. To resolve the error, you should reconstruct Activation Token file.
  12. For this, you need to tap on my computer and then visit to local disk C.
  13. Now, you have to move on to Windows.
  14.  At this point, you should choose System32 and then you have to select SPP.
  15. Here, you have to navigate to the Store if you see PP and then just hit on 2.0.
  16.  Keep in mind, C is the system drive where you have installed Windows. But if the user has installed the Windows in another drive then you have to go there. For help, click here: office.com/setup.
  17. Activate Windows With The Help of Command:
  18. You can solve this issue, by activating Window through Command.
  19. For this, you should tap on the Start button and then you should navigate to Cmd.
  20. Now, you should right tap on the Command prompt and then you need to choose Run as administrator.
  21. Here, you just have to enter the below commands:

slmgr.vbs.ipk <product key>


4: Perform SFC Scan (System File Checker Command):

This error occurs because of the internal error present in your computer system. If the user restored the problematic system files, then this internal error in your device. In order to solve this issue, you need to run the system file checker command in your device.

  1. First, you need to hit on the Start button.
  2. After this, in the search bar you have to write Cmd and then right tap on it.
  3. Here, you need to choose run as administrator.
  4. At this point, you need to write sfc/scannow and then press the enter button.
  5. At last, just wait for sometime till the process gets finished.

These are the solution which helps you to resolve Window Activation Error 0xc004f213. But if the user want any kind of detail, then they can visit to the MS Office site through www.office.com/setup.

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