What is Microsoft Power BI And what are its Key Features?

Microsoft Office is the well known software in the world. It is used in schools, colleges, institutions, hospitals, offices and also used for business. It makes the work easier and faster. You provides user friendly interface and can install through www.office.com/setup .This software consist of many applications like Word, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook etc. All the application performs different functions like formatting, editing, creating spreadsheets and also used for making presentation etc. This software increases the productivity of firm and with the increased time it introduces latest versions for better convenience of computer user. It also allows the user to work offline, if there is no internet.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is the cloud based app which helps the organization to collect, manage and analyze data from various sources. Through this app you can share your data and turn your unrelated data into visually and interactive insight. It connects your Excel spreadsheet to database. It is available on Windows, phone, tablet, ios and Android Devices.

It is used to run reports and insights based on company’s data. This report can be shared with other users. This app has machine learning capabilities which allow the user to generate the forecast and other key metrics.

What are the Key Benefits of Power BI?

Office.com/setup wants their user to know about the key features of Microsoft Power BI:

  1. You can input large quantities of data into Power BI whereas other platforms cannot be able to process it.
  2. It has a built-in machine learning features which can analyze data and can help to do future predictions.
  3. Information stored in Power BI can be visualized allow businesses to make sense of their data.
  4. Power BI has machine learning capabilities and powerful algorithms that are updated regularly.
  5. It allow the users to create dashboards by which they can access the data they need quickly.
  6. Through this you can keep users up to date important metrics and measurements.
  7. Power BI has a more user-friendly interface through which you can easily navigate through complex spreadsheets.
  8. It integrates with other business management tools like SharePoint etc.
  9. It provides complete assurance to your data safety and controls the on access of data both internally and externally.

For more information, about Microsoft Power BI you can visit to the official website of MS Office through www.office.com/setup. You can call on their toll free number for help and support. 

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