What are the Ways To Update Router’s Firmware?

The user must update their router firmware so that they can receive the strongest signal, better performance and security. Keep in mind, according to the router’s manufacturer, the login information will be different. Before updating router firmware, you must find the IP address of the device and also have a stable internet connection. Hence, in this blog you will read how you can update router firmware. For help, just contact Microsoft customer care via www.office.com/setup.

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Ways To Update Your Router’s Firmware:

  • Find the Router’s IP address:

You should press Windows Key + X key together to open the menu. Then, you should select Network Connections from the menu. Here, you will see the Network & Internet window on the screen. Now under your connection, you should click on Proprieties. Just scroll down, then you will view Proprieties section. At this point, you should locate the IPv4 DNS server and then memorize the IP address. Remember, before you update your router firmware, first you should access your router. For this, you should enter the address in your browser.

  • Access and Update Router in General:

First, you should connect to your router by using the Ethernet cable. After this, you should open your web browser. Then, in the address bar you should enter the IP address of your router. Here, you need to put the username and password. Remember, you will locate the login information in your router’s manual. When you log in, you will locate the Firmware or Router Upgrade option. Normally, this option is present in Administration, Utilities , or Maintenance section. At this point, you will see the current version of your firmware and its release date. Just go to the router manufacturer’s website and then visit to the Support section. Here, you should locate your router model and then check firmware updates are available or not. If updates are there, just download them. Now in the Update section of your router, you will view Browse or Choose File button. Then, just click the button and find the router update file on your PC and double click on it. After this, just start the upgrade process. At this point, you should wait for the process to complete. When the update process is complete, then your router will restart and you will see the new firmware installed. www.office.com/setup

  • Update the Firmware for a Netgear Router:

You should open your web browser and then go to the site. After this, you should enter username and password as admin. When you go to your router settings, then go to Advanced and then click on Administration. Now, you should select the Firmware Update or Router Update button. Here, it will check for available updates. If the updates are available, then just download and install the updates. Keep in mind don’t interrupt the upgrade process in between and wait for the update process to complete. After the update process finishes, you should restart your router.

The above method will help you to update router firmware. For help or support, you can call the customer care of Microsoft via office.com/setup.

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