What are the Ways To Resolve Outlook Cannot Connect To Server?

If the user gets stuck in Outlook application and cannot connect to server. Hence, in this blog you will read the solution if Outlook cannot connect to server. If the user need help in solving issue, then they can contact executive of MS Office via www.office.com/setup.

Method To Fix Outlook Cannot Connect To Server:

  • Disable Outlook Add-ins:

You should start Outlook and then go to upper-left corner and then click on ‘File’. From drop down the options, you should click on the  ‘Add-ins’ option. Now, you should scroll down the window and then besides the ‘COM Add-ins’, you should click on ‘Go’ button. After this, you should click on ‘Manage’ and then you will see a list of all the Outlook extensions, and then ‘Uncheck’ all the presented extensions. At last, you should click on ‘Ok’ button.

  • Update Microsoft Outlook:

You should start your Windows operating system and then open the Outlook application. After this, click on the ‘File’ option. From drop down options, you should select the options of ‘Office account’. Now under the ‘Product Description’, you should click on ‘Update Options’. In case, there are current updates available of the software, then click on the option. Here, you should click on ‘Download and Update’ option to confirm and then the Outlook will start updating.

If in case, your Outlook 365 cannot connect to exchange server, then you have to Start the Windows operating system and then hit ‘Windows’ and ‘S’ keys altogether. After this, you should type ‘Update’ in the blank box and then you will see ‘Windows Updates’ folder will automatically open. Now here, your Windows will be ‘Checking for updates’. If the ‘Updates are available’ then you should click on the ‘Update’ button and then it will begin downloading automatically on the computer system.

  • Rebuild Outlook Data File:

For this, you should close the window of ‘Outlook’ and then go to the ‘Start’ menu on your system. After this, you should open the ‘Control Panel’ folder and then go to the ‘Mail’ to open it. Then in the ‘Mail’ folder you should scroll down the page and then tap on the ‘Data Files’. Now, you should search for a file through your ‘Email address’ and then open it. Here, you have to open the ‘File Location’ and then check the type of data file. In case, it is ‘.pst’ type, then you should not make any changes but if it is ‘.ost’ type, then you should right-click on the name and then rename the ‘Outlook extension’. At last, close all the windows. www.office.com/setup

  • Repair Outlook:

You should Start your Windows operating system and then click on ‘Windows’ and ‘R’ keys altogether. Then in the dialogue box, you should type the ‘appwiz.cpl’ and press ‘Enter’ key. Now, this will open the application. After this, you should click on the ‘Change’ button. Here, you have to right click on the same tab and then select ‘Repair’ option and this will redirect you to the new window. At this point, you should press ‘Continue’button. Now, you should follow the instructions and then repair the Outlook profile.

  • Disable ‘Work Offline’ From Outlook:

For this, you should open Outlook application on your operating system. Then, click on the third tab ‘Send/ Receive’. After this, go to the ‘Work Offline’ and then click on the ‘Globe’ icon. At last, click on the ‘Red Cross’ symbol on the globe.

For assistance, the user can call the technician of MS Office via office.com/setup.

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