What are the Ways to Resolve OLE Header Corruption in Excel?

If the user is facing OLE Header Corruption issue and cannot be able to perform any activity in Excel. This error basically occur due to sudden power cut off, file is not supported by current version, sudden hard disk failure, and also due to unknown virus or malware attack. For assistance, you should contact Microsoft team through www.office.com/setup. In this blog, you will read the solution of OLE Header Corruption in Excel.

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Method To Resolve OLE Header Corruption in Excel:

1: Use Open And Repair Feature:

You should use Open and Repair tool for repairing corrupt Excel files. To do this, first you have to open Excel sheet and then click on File option and choose Open. After this, you have to select the corrupted Excel file. Then, you should click on the arrow which is next to Open button and then click on Open and Repair. If you are manually recovering workbook, then you should click on Repair in the result dialog box. This will repair the file, if in any case something went wrong, then Excel will not be able to recover any data from the corrupt Excel workbook. So, in this situation you should tap on the second option Extract Data.

2. Turn Off Protected View:

You have to open the Excel application. Now, you have to click on the File and then choose Options from the ribbon. After this, you have to tap on the Trust Center and then just click on the Trust center settings. Now, you should hit on the Protected view tab. Then, you should uncheck all the options which are there in the Protected View dialog box. After this, you should confirm this by tapping on the OK button. Here, you have to Restart your Excel application and then try to open the OLE header corrupted Excel. For safety, you should save the document with a new MS Office format i.e. XLSX.

3. Export Personal Macro Workbook:

For exporting Personal Macro Workbook, you should press Alt+F11 together to open the Visual Basic Editor (VBE). Then, you have to press Ctrl + R key together to use the Project Explorer and after this, locate module which you wish to Save. Now, you should right-click on the module name and then select Export File. Here, you should close VBE and then exit Excel. After this, you should close the VBA Editor and then get out of Excel. And for importing .bas file, you should right-click on the module which is there in the PERSONAL.XLSB in which you want to store the macros. At this point, you should choose Import File option. With this method, you can recover macros from corrupted Excel file. www.office.com/setup

4. Retrieve Lost Excel File With Restore Previous Version Option:

You should open File Explorer on your Computer and then just search for your Excel file. Now, you have to select your lost data Excel file and then right-click over it. Here from the list of options, you should select “Properties”. Then, you have to click on the “Previous Versions” tab and after this, you should select the preferred version in which you wish to get back your Excel file. At the end, you have to tap on “Restore” button. Through this way, you can restore lost Excel file from previous versions of Microsoft windows.

5. Recover Lost Excel File With Excel “Recent Option”:

First, you have to launch MS-Excel and then just select “file” option from the top. Now, you should tap on “open”. At this point, you should select the “recent” option and then choose recover unsaved workbook.

The above method will help you to solve OLE Header Corruption in Excel. If the user want any sort of assistance, then just contact Microsoft team via office.com/setup.

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