What are the Ways To Fix If Microsoft Edge is Not Working?

Sometimes, users encounter the issue that Microsoft Edge is not Working on your device. This issue occurs due to the unsupported websites, running too many web pages at the same time or may be you have out-of-date Microsoft Edge extensions installed in your device. So, to in blog you will read the solution of issue Microsoft Edge is not Working. For help or support, user can contact Microsoft Office via www.office.com/setup.

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Solution To Fix If Microsoft Edge is Not Working:

  1. You should check if in case, you are still using Internet Explorer. As both the internet browsers are created by Microsoft and the IE app icon is almost same to the Microsoft Edge logo and you might be clicking on the IE icon by mistake.
  2. You should close the Microsoft Edge tabs and windows because if you have open too many websites then it will slow down Microsoft Edge and just make it unresponsive. So, you must close the ones which you no longer needed.
  3. To fix the issue, you should simply close Microsoft Edge and just wait a few seconds and then you should reopen it again.
  4. Simple way to fix the issue, is to Restart your computer or smart device as restarting your device fix many issues.
  5. You should update your Microsoft Edge browser because sometimes Microsoft Edge does not open because you are running the older version of browser and update failed due to a loss of internet connection.
  6. You must check the website because sometimes the website which you’re trying to load in Microsoft Edge could be down. So, you should try to load another website in the same browser. If the site is down, then you should wait for the site to come back online. www.office.com/setup
  7. It is very necessary that you check your internet connection because many Microsoft Edge issues caused due to the poor internet connection. If in case, no online content loads, then may be the problem is with your device’s internet functionality but not with Microsoft Edge.
  8. You should free up disc space on Windows 10 because if your device has run out of space, then it will be difficult for apps to open and run correctly. If Microsoft Edge problems keep crashing, then you should try to delete large files and programs which you no longer need.
  9. You should update your Microsoft Edge extensions. Just like internet browser, you should keep updating your Microsoft Edge extensions to maintain the stability and functionality. And remember Extensions can be updated through the Microsoft Store app.
  10. Sometime recently installed browser extension might be causing problem, so to solve the issue you should uninstall your Microsoft Edge extensions.

The above are some of the ways which help you to solve the issue if Microsoft Edge is not working. So for assistance, the user can contact to the Microsoft Office team through office.com/setup.

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