What are the Smart Features of Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Office is one of the best and well known software which helps the user in many ways. It contains so many applications which make the task of the user easy and faster. This software is used for both business and home purpose and can be easily install in your device through www.office.com/setup.  Now, Microsoft has application like OneDrive for Business and SharePoint which helps to improve your productivity and also enhances your security. In this blog, you will read the smart features of Microsoft 365.

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Smart Features of Microsoft 365:

  1. You can efficiently search images, audios and videos which is stored in OneDrive and SharePoint. With Artificial Intelligence, you can fetch the details of images like from where the image was taken; you can also recognize the text in the image and also you can recognize the objects in the text.
  2. You can write smartly in PowerPoint as Microsoft has improved the shape and text recognition capabilities. You can create the content in a natural way. You can also convert the handwritten letters or words into text and also can use them in slides. In this, you can also draw or sketch your slide and then convert all your drawings to slides. This will make a professional looking presentation.
  3. As you all use touch screen devices, but now Microsoft 365 users can use handwritten texts in their Word document. In this, you can also split the paragraphs into multiple lines. For this, you have to use a pen based gesture with which you can work on the documents and you can also quickly edit them.
  4. Microsoft provides a new feature, with which you can automated transcription services for video and audio files which is stored on OneDrive and SharePoint. www.office.com/setup
  5.  Microsoft gives you the new files view for OneDrive and Office home page which only recommends relevant files. This suggestion is given to you by Microsoft Graph which know what you work, with whom you work and also the content which you shared across Microsoft 365.
  6. It gives you the Smart Sharing feature. But this feature is only for the data which you have stored on OneDrive and SharePoint. This  allows you to share information across the workplace.
  7. As today nobody like to read long content and mostly people focus on highlights of the content. So, Microsoft provides the access statistics for any file which is stored on OneDrive and SharePoint. With this feature, you came to know who has seen the file or take action on that file which will helps you to take your next action. With this you can also look insight the content of the file.

The above are some of the smart features of Microsoft 365. If the user wants more details about Microsoft 365, they can visit to the official site of MS Office via office.com/setup. You can also call the expert of Microsoft anytime for assistance.

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