June 12, 2021

What are the Microsoft Office Programs and Services ?

Microsoft Office is the great tool for offices, home, businesses, schools and colleges etc. And this tool makes your work easy and cheaper and can install via www.office.com/setup. It is made for students and working professionals. In this blog, you will read about the Microsoft Office Programs and services.

Some of the Microsoft Office Programs and Services:

  • Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word is the word processing program of MS Office which is very easy to use. In this, user can save and type documents. There is lots of formatting and editing options are available in this application. Here, the user can add graphs and charts to the document.

  • Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program of MS Office. It helps to transform data into helpful information. It provides friendly user interface and in this, user can perform both basic and complex arithmetic operations.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint:

This application helps to make presentations and the user can present the information in a precise and attractive manner. And the slides of the presentation can be shown on projectors and television. The user can present the data in form of text, diagrams with animation, and images so that the audience can better understand the topic.

  • Microsoft Publisher:

Publisher is desktop publishing software of MS Office which helps to creating professional-looking publications. With this, you can create brochures, newsletter, calendar, greeting cards, leaflets, and charts, etc. It helps to convert the document into PDF format.

  • Microsoft One-note:

OneNote is a digital notebook, in this you can create lists and notes in an organized manner. User can use media player and it helps to record audio. The user can download the One-note app on their mobile phone or tablet.

The above are some of the MS Office programs and services and if you want to know more then visit to office.com/setup.