What are the Different Methods to Install Window 10 on PC?

Window 10 is the current version of Windows and also it is demand of today’s generation. Basically Window 10 is known for its good quality and fast process. And it is very easy to install but in case you need assistance then you can call expert of Microsoft team through www.office.com/setup. In this blog, you will read how to install Window 10 on PC.

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Different Methods To Install Window 10 on PC:                     

  • Upgrade from Windows 7 or 8:

 The easiest way to install Window 10 in your PC is to update it. From the Windows 7 or 8 key in the installer, you can easily get a free Windows 10 upgrade license. When performed the upgrade once, then your computer system will have a Windows 10 license forever. In case, you upgraded when Windows 10 when was released and just degrade it. Then also you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

  • Purchase New Computer with Windows 10:

When you buy a new computer with Windows 10 installed, it must have a license key which is included in its UEFI firmware. The manufacturer of the PC Company has paid for the license. Hence, you can easily reinstall Windows 10 on your PC without entering the license key. www.office.com/setup

  • You can Purchase Windows 10 License:

In case, you are building your own computer but you don’t have an operating system. So, in this situation you can purchase a Windows 10 license from Microsoft. For purchasing, you just have to visit to the official website and then just made the payment for the Window 10. It is very important that you must check that the window is compatible with your PC.

The above are some of the methods from which you can get Windows 10 in your device.

Steps for Installing Windows 10:

 1: First you should download the Media Creation Tool and then just install it on your PC.

2: After this, you have to press the Next button which is on the Media Creation Tool just to start the Windows 10 download.

3: Now, you will see the tool will just do the verification of your download.

4: At this point, you have to create Window 10 Media and it will put together all the required files.

5: You just have to check that your Windows 10 installer is being loaded.

6: After this, the Windows 10 will analyze few checks in your computer system.

7: You should read the license term of Window 10 and just accept it to start the installation procedure of Window 10.

8: Now, the installer tool will check, if there are any updates available which you may need before installation.

9: After this, you should press the Install button just to install the Windows 10 on your PC.

10: At last, you should manage app settings or functions of Windows 10.

The above is the easy method to Install Windows 10 on your computer. In case, you need any help, then you can contact to the customer care of Microsoft via office.com/setup. And do not hesitate while calling to the expert.