June 17, 2021

What are the Basics of MS Excel?

MS Excel is the most popular applications of MS Office which is used in all businesses, schools, organizations and firms etc. It helps the user to organize data and perform financial analysis. This application of MS Office can install in all the devices through www.office.com/setup.

Basics of MS Excel:

This blog will explain the basics of Excel applications:

  1.  Ribbon: When you open the Excel application, it selects the ribbon’s Home tab.
  2. Workbook: Another name of Excel file is workbook. When the user starts Excel, then they have to click on Blank workbook in order to create an Excel workbook from scratch.
  3. Worksheets: It is a collection of cells where the user keeps their data. Each workbook of Excel has multiple worksheets.
  4. Format Cells: When the user format cells in Excel, they change the appearance of a number without changing the number.
  5. Find & Select: Through this, you can quickly Find the specific text and Replace it with other text. For more information, go to office.com/setup.
  6. Templates: If you do not want to create an Excel workbook then you can create a workbook which is based on a template. Here, you can use free templates also.
  7. Data Validation: The user can use data validation to ensure that users insert certain values into a cell.
  8. Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts help the user to do things with your keyboard and not with your mouse. This helps to increase the speed of the user.
  9. Print: In this you will learn to print a worksheet and also to change the print settings.
  10. Share: Through this, you can share Excel data with Word documents and also with other files.
  11. Protect: It helps to encrypt an Excel file with a password, hence you need a password to open the file.

For details about MS Excel, go to Microsoft Office via www.office.com/setup.