What are the Basic Instagram Tips and Tricks?

Instagram has become one of the best social networks nowadays for the users. And it keeps on updating itself to attract its users. Earlier the users only share their photos with the followers but now it provides many hidden features for the user. In this blog, you will read the basic Instagram tips and tricks.

Basic Tips To Enhance Your Instagram Experience:

  1. Automatically Filter Inappropriate Comments:

In Instagram, the users can hide the inappropriate comments just by filtering out. For this, you should hit on your profile, then click on the Menu (three lines) which is there at the top right of the screen. After this, you should tap on Settings and then hit on Privacy. Here, you should go to Comments and then you have to toggle on Manual Filter and just block specific words and phrases.

2. In Stories- the user can Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward and Skip:

If the user is watching a story and they want to pause it, then they should tap and hold on the screen. And for rewinding the story, the user can hit on the top left of the screen just under the user’s profile photo and username. If you want to fast-forward the stories, then you should hit on the screen. And to skip an entire user’s stories, you should swipe left.

3. Mute Stories From Specific Users:

If the users follow certain people but they don’t want to see their stories then they can mute stories from specific users. For this, they can tap and hold the user’s Stories and then they can choose Mute. This action will push their stories to the end of the feed. If the user wants to view their story, then they can go to their story and just unmute at any time.

4. Allow Messages on Stories:

By default, all your followers can reply to your stories but you can change the settings. For this, you should go to your profile and then hit on Menu (three lines). After this, go to Settings and then hit on Privacy and then tap on Story. Just under Allow Message Replies, you should click on Followers You Follow Back. You can also turn off message replies.

5. Hide Your Stories:

If the users want to hide their stories from specific users then for this, you should go to your profile and then hit on Menu (three lines). After this, you should go to Settings and then click on Privacy and then hit on Story. Then, you have to hit on Hide Story From and then choose specific people from which you want to hide your stories.

6. Use Boomerang and Layout:

With Boomerang, you can create a GIF like post and with Layout, you can combine many photos as a collage in one post. For this, you should click on Add Post (plus sign) and then hit on Story which is on the bottom menu. Now, you have to hit on Boomerang or Layout and then just create your Boomerang or Layout. At last, you should hit on Send to, next to Your Story and then hit on Share.

These are some of the basic tips which Instagram users should follow.