What are the Advantages and Procedure to Update Window 10 Offline?

If the user has no internet connection but they wanted to update the Window 10. Then the user can follow the below procedure to update their Windows. If they require help, then they can anytime contact to the expert of MS Office via www.office.com/setup.

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Advantages of Updating Window 10 Offline:

  1. More Secure Update:

If you are updating offline, this means you do not require a network. If you are not using internet then the installation is more secure and stable. Because it will not load any viruses or unknown files in your PC. If in case, the network connection breaks down then nothing will breaks or freezes. And it also renewed the important system drivers during offline update, so that error does not occur.

2. Shorter Update Time:

Offline update takes less time according to the online update. And the user does not have to wait for the Internet download and also for the system configuration analysis.

3. Update at Any Place:

When you download the offline update, then you can install it anywhere you want, because you do not want the Internet connection.

4. System Backup before Windows 10 Offline Update:

If you want to avoid system errors and data loss then you should update Windows 10 offline. For this, you should first take a full backup for the system and also of the important data. You should also look up for the best local data backup software which will quickly back up the system, important data, and also the hard drives.

How to Update Windows 10 Offline?

1. Use Updates or Patches:

For this, first you have to download the Windows 10 .msu/.exe update files. After this, you should select the desired Windows 10 Update version and just double-click on it. Now, the system will check the update has been installed or not. In case, it is available on your PC, then you should begin the installation. Just you have to follow the on-screen instructions. When the installation complete, then just restart your PC. In case, you want to install several .msu files, then you should run them one after the other. But remember, you cannot be able to restart the PC till all the .msu files are installed. Keep in mind, all the installation files will be there on the official Microsoft download page. www.office.com/setup

2. Install Windows 10 offline update with the Portable Update:

In this, the user has to install a freeware called Portable Update. The benefit of this is that you can install the same update files on multiple PC. Here, the program will utilize the standard Windows Update API Service for updating. In case, you do not like the updated Windows 10, then you can roll back to your previous Windows system.

The above method will help you to update Window 10 offline. In case, the user need any kind of support then they can anytime contact to the customer care of Microsoft team through office.com/setup.

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