What are the Advanced Excel Skills You Should Know?

MS Excel is one of the useful applications of Microsoft Office suite which is used in all the devices like Window OS, Mac, Computer, Laptop and Android Phones. This application is used in school, colleges, organizations and offices as well.  And it is basically used for creating spreadsheet, formatting, editing and also for calculation. You can use this app by installing MS Office software through www.office.com/setup. In this article, you will read about the advanced Excel skills which the user must know.

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Some Advanced MS Excel Skills:

  • Choose The Right Layout:

 Many people just open the Excel sheet and then start typing in it. But this is not right, for creating a spreadsheet you should understand your data, and see what you actually want to get out of it. You should choose the right layout of your spreadsheet. This will make your work easier and accurate.

  • Use Fill Function:

The Fill function in Excel makes your work easier and less time-consuming. You can use Excel’s “Fill Across Sheets” function to duplicate one sheet across many others quickly.

  • Use Named Ranges:

It is very useful while creating data. In this, you can use names in formulas, or can select a named range. It can be applied to a single cell or a range of cells. If you create a named range on one sheet, then you can use that name on other sheet. this blog

  • Use Keyboard Shortcut:

Keyboard shortcuts make your work very easy. Mostly, people use mouse to perform in Excel, but if you use keyboard this will make your work easy, speed up and also saves time.

  • Formatting:

After you create your spreadsheet, then you should select the proper fonts, sizes and color just to make your spreadsheet easy to understand. You can also use Bold or Italics, just for highlighting the differences between headers and data.

  • Protect Your Work:

You can easily protect your work and also prevent others from doing any change. You can secure the formula cells just to stop any other changes, stop the rows and columns from being resized and you can also stop the user so that it cannot change the structure of the workbook.

  • Converting To PDF:

In case, you want to send your Excel Spreadsheet to your client. Then you can easily convert your Excel sheet into PDF. This process is very easy and the current version of Excel can convert into PDF without using any additional software.

  • Use Pivot Table Tool:

If you make use of the PivotTable Tool, then it will save your time. In Excel, you just have to go to “Insert” menu and then you should look for the “PivotTable” icon.The PivotTable tool helps to analyze the data and it will bring it into a new sheet and in that sheet, you can manipulate the data as you want.

These are some of the advanced Excel Skill which every user should know. For details about Excel application, you can visit to the site of MS Office via office.com/setup.