We’re sorry, but something went wrong Instagram error! How to Fix it?

If the user is facing the issue such as We’re sorry, something went wrong Instagram error. This error occurs due to account glitches and other Internet-related issues. To fix this issue, the user should log in through their Facebook account. In this article, you will read the method to fix the issue We’re sorry, but something went wrong Instagram Error. just go to visit: office.com/setup

Method to Fix the issue We’re sorry, but something went wrong Instagram Error:

1. Verify that Instagram Server is Available:

Instagram servers, sometimes be temporarily unavailable. You should confirm this issue just by using a live outage map online or the user can also ask their friends about this issue. You should confirm that the issue is related to your account or to the entire Instagram server.

2. Login through Facebook:

For this, first you have to open Instagram. Then, you have to hit on Log in with Facebook. At last, just check if the error is still there or not.

3. Use the Windows 10 Instagram app:

First of all, the user should open their device and then run the Windows 10 OS. After this, you should tap on the Windows key, and then just search for Microsoft Store and then just open it. When the Microsoft Store is open, then you should search for Instagram, and then just tap on the recommended option. Here, you need to tap on the Get button. At this point, you should install the app just by following the instructions on the screen. At last, you should log in and then check the issue is solved or not.

4. Temporarily Disable your Account:

You should go to the web version of Instagram and then go to your profile account. After this, you should hit on Edit Profile. You just have to scroll down, and then just hit on the Temporarily disable my account option which is located at the bottom of the screen. The user has to wait for 2-3 hours. At last, you have to enable your Instagram account and then verify if the problem is resolved or not.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram App:

When the users uninstall the app in their phone or computer then it will only delete the app but all your content, such as photos, tags, likes, or comments will be still there. If you reinstall Instagram, then you have to sign back in because uninstalling it will log you out. Keep in mind that the procedure will not do anything to your profile and all the things will be same if you begin using the app again.

6. Contact Instagram Help Center:

The user have to open the Windows 10 version of Instagram, and then they have to visit to your profile. After this, you should hit on the Settings and also the more options icon will be marked as a gear. At this point, you should select to Report a Problem. Remember, the customer can additionally add files with screenshots of the error. At last, you should hit on Send Report.

For more details about Instagram, the customer should contact to the customer care of Instagram.

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