Tricks You Should Follow To Become Master in MS Excel:

Microsoft Office is the popular software which gives great facility to the user. This software is useful for employees, employers, workers, students, teachers etc. It is utilized for homes as well as in businesses. You can install this useful software through It has amazing applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Outlook etc. MS Excel helps the computer user in many ways like formatting, editing, and making useful spreadsheets etc. You can also manage, arrange and organize crucial data in this. In this blog, you will read the tricks which you should follow to become master in MS Excel.

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What are the Tricks to Become Master in MS Excel?

  • Click Once To Select All:

People usually know this, by pressing CTRL+A helps to select the entire excel sheet. But you can select the entire data by just clicking once in the corner button. This will select the whole excel sheet.

  • Open Multiple Excel Files at Once:

When you work on multiple excel files, you have to open the files one by one but this takes time and also quite difficult. Now you can select all the files which you want to open and then press Enter key. You will see all the selected files will open altogether.

  • Create A Shortcut Menu:

Shortcuts make the work easy and convenient. Basically, there are three shortcuts that is Save, Undo Typing and Repeat Typing. For Copy and Paste shortcut, you have to go to File, then select Options and then choose Quick Access Toolbar. After this, click on Add Cut and Copy from the left column to the right and then save it. With this shortcut, you can organize the Excel crucial data easily.

  • You can Add More than One New Row or Column:

If you select a row or column then you can add a new one through Insert drop-down which is under Home option. You can do this by easy way like you can drag and select rows or columns and then right click the highlighted rows or columns and after this, select Insert from the drop down menu. Here you will see the new rows will be inserted above the row.

  • Apply Diagonal Border:

If you want both row and columns headers in the same cell then you should use the diagonal borders. For this, you can click More Borders at the bottom of the borders drop-down menu and diagonal buttons are by the box corners. Now you have to click it and save. Through this your work becomes more presentable.

  • Turn Columns into Rows:

If you have your data in columns which should be in rows then you should have to copy the original block of the cell and then right click on the destination cell. After this, you should click on Paste Special and then select Transpose.

If you want to know more tricks of MS Excel, then you should visit to the official website of MS Office through