Tips to Keep Office 365 Secure Against Breaches:

Today, almost all the companies are using Microsoft Office software for making their work easier and faster. This software is used in all the organizations, firms, hospitals, institutions, etc. It gives you friendly user interface and you can easily install this through Its application helps you in formatting, editing, scheduling conferences, meetings, creating text document and also used for making professional presentations etc. As many companies use this software for their data also, so it is very essential for you to secure Office 365 against cyber attacks. As all your companies data backup is stored in Microsoft Cloud backup. In this blog, you will learn how you can secure your valuable data from hacker’s attack.

Tips to Keep Office 365 Secure from Breaches:

  • Create Greater Security Awareness:

Employees are the backbone of every company. Employees are the weakest link as they access your company’s system or send and receive emails that are why they are the biggest risk to your company. So it is strictly advised that you should create greater security awareness and training for your employees against cyber attacks. Teach your employees about the risks involved to your company so that Office 365 can go a long way.  

  • Create Dedicated Admin Accounts:

Hackers are always looking for high-level and sensitive information. With Office 365, all of these details of your company are stored in administration accounts. So, it is very important that only reliable employees of your company are operating with admin accounts. And all the people who are in the admin process should have their own non-admin accounts.

  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication:

It is essential that you enable multi-factor authentication in all the computers of your company. As this provide extra layers of protection for the computer system. Because of this feature hackers cannot be able to find your company’s valuable information and if they will try to find it a lot harder to do so. Always make sure the person who is in charge of the accounts must use this feature. This will stop many cyber attacks to your data and organization. check this link

  • Protect Against Malware And Ransomware:

By default, Office 365 version has already has protection against malware and ransomware. You can use mail flow rules to block any malicious file extensions. It is very difficult to find the difference between the legitimate emails and suspicious mails. So, it is very important that employees should be trained to open any emails which come from unknown sender.

  • Create Complex Passwords:

It is very important that you should create a complex and unique passwords for all your computers and for your accounts. Password should be consisting of numbers, letters, upper and lower case characters. All your accounts must have different password, if it is difficult for you to create a password then you can take the help of Password Manager.

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