Get Google Calendar on Your Window Desktop:

Google Calendar is cloud-based calendar systems available online and used by many people. If you may want to access your Google Calendar from the Windows desktop then you can follow these two options- sync your Google Calendar with the default Windows Desktop Calendar app and to sync Google Calendar with a variety of Windows desktop calendar[…]

How to Resolve Transaction Cannot Be Completed on Google Play Store?

Google Play Store allows you to purchase your favorite apps, e-books, and music etc. You can also download and install your favorite apps from Google Play Store with just one single click. You just have to choose the app which you want to buy, and then click on it, and just confirm the purchase. But[…]

How to Troubleshoot “Unable to Join Skype Meeting”?

Skype is the telecommunication application of Microsoft. Through this you can do video chats and voice calls and it also provide you instant messaging services. You can also transmit text, audio, video and images. You can enjoy this application, just by installing MS Office in your device through It is available on Window OS,[…]

What you will Get in Microsoft 365 Business Premium?

Microsoft 365 Business Premium is great productivity tool which provide security and device management for the small scale businesses and the large scale businesses. You can install this productivity suite through It provides latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher. With this software, you easily connect with your coworkers by using Outlook,[…]

Incredible Way to Resolve Office Error Code 30088-1015:

Microsoft Office is the popular software which is used in both homes and offices. It has several apps and all the apps works differently. You can install this software in your gadget through It helps the customer in formatting, editing, storing data in cloud, and you can easily share your data with your colleagues[…]

Easy Way To Fix MS Office Error Code 0x800CCC92:

Microsoft Office is well known software used for both homes and in offices. This software has become the Universal software because now you can access its document anywhere anytime. You can install this robust software through It is easy to use but some users faces the error code 0x800ccc92. This error occurs when your[…]

How You Can Protect Your Privacy on Window 10?

The people who are using Windows 10 know that it collects so much private information such as your gadget details, the data which you access etc. The reason of collecting information is to give you better experience. But hackers took advantage of this information and do illegal activities and use your private data for their[…]

Easy Solution To Fix Office 365 Error Code 0x745f10b5:

Microsoft office is very popular and trusted software available all over the world. It provides amazing application like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook etc for the convenience of the user. You can install this widely known software through It helps the user in many ways like creating, storing and managing data for the office,[…]

What are Tips Which Keeps Your Data Safe in Microsoft 365?

In this fast paced world, everybody wants their work done in less time. But sometimes this habits, puts the company’s data at risk. So, in this situation it is very essential that the employees must have the complete knowledge that how they can secure their data in the cloud so that their company information is[…]

How to Resolve Office 365 Error Code 0x80004005?

Microsoft Office is used widely known software all over the country. It is developed by Microsoft and utilized in all the organizations, firms, offices and homes. You can install this trusted software through Its cloud storage helps to store data online and you can also manage and share it with your colleagues. It has[…]