How to Strikethrough Text in MS Excel?

Strikethrough text in Excel help the user by draw their attention to the numbers or the text which have changed or they are irrelevant. The font size shows the information which is not needed to be used. You can use Strikethrough effect in different version of Excel and in different places. This option is available[…]

Use Dual Monitors When Working with MS Office:

Some of the users are uncomfortable while using two monitors.  Using dual monitor setups is not as famous as single monitor setups. But if you work with two screens then it enhanced the productivity of the user. Using two monitors will reduces errors and it also helps to complete more projects. It helps in multitasking,[…]

How to use Facebook Emoji and Smileys?

With the advancement of technology in social media, like in Facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc., they have introduced smileys and emoji which can add spice to your conversation. These emoji and smileys can properly clarify the emotion behind your message. You can insert this in your conversation with just one single click without having the knowledge[…]

How to Locate Router’s IP Address on Linux, iOS, And on Android?

Microsoft Office is the commonly used software in all the organizations. It is widely known for its excellent applications which not only used for formatting, editing, creating text document, making professional presentation but also helps in scheduling meetings and conferences. You can install this famous software through It provides its user cloud storage facility[…]

How you can Create a Simple Query In MS Access?

Microsoft Office is the complete productivity suite which helps to increase the productivity of every firm. You can use this software in organization, firms, offices, businesses, hospitals, schools, colleges and homes also. You can install this software through It has many apps such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook. This[…]

How to Remove Saved Password From Any Browser?

Microsoft Office is the famous software which makes the work of every organization easy. It offers user friendly interface and you can install this software through This software is used in homes as well as in businesses. It includes many applications and all the applications perform different functions. All the browsers like Google Chrome,[…]

What are the Steps to Fix Error Code 0x80072F8F in Window 10?

Microsoft Office is complete productivity suite consist of many application like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook etc. You can install this software through The applications of this software perform differently. It is very easy to use and perfect for all the devices. It is used for both the office and homes purposes. Some users[…]

How MS Office is Different from Open Office?

Microsoft Office is the well known productivity suite which is known for its application as these apps makes the work of every individual easy. You can install this software through Open Office is also the popular software in the market. But there are many differences between MS Office software and Open Office. Difference between[…]

How To Get Rid Of This Error Code 30180-28 while Installing MS Office?

MS Office is the popular software in the market. This software is developed by Microsoft and it makes the work of each and every organization easy. It is used in both homes as well as in office purpose. It is very easy to use and can install through It provide user friendly interface and[…]

How you can Resolve Microsoft Office Error Code 3-28?

Microsoft Office is the strong software which is essential for your day to day life and developed by Microsoft. This software includes application like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook etc. It provide user friendly interface and it is easy to use. You can install this software through No software can[…]