How To Resolve Error 0x80071771 in Window 10?

User faces 0x80071771 in Window 10, when customers try to open a file or decrypt it through Advanced Attributes. Hence, in this blog you will read the method to resolve Error 0x80071771 in Window 10. For more details, you can navigate to MS Office through Method To Resolve Error 0x80071771 in Window 10: 1.[…]

If Window Mixed Reality USB 3.0 is Not Working! How to Fix it?

The user face the error Window Mixed Reality USB 3.0 is not working in your device. This error occurs because of the lack of full sized ports which is required for the connection. To fix this issue, you should check that your operating system is up to date and also uninstall and reinstall WMR app.[…]

What is the Method To Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File?

Sometimes, the customer faces issues with the PowerPoint file, so in this blog you will read the method to repair corrupt PowerPoint File. For detailed information, you should go to the site via Method to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File: Shift the Presentation to Another Location: First, you should go to the folder which has[…]

What are the Basic Instagram Tips and Tricks?

Instagram has become one of the best social networks nowadays for the users. And it keeps on updating itself to attract its users. Earlier the users only share their photos with the followers but now it provides many hidden features for the user. In this blog, you will read the basic Instagram tips and tricks. Basic Tips[…]

How To Control Fan Speed of Windows?

Keep in mind that the fan helps to keep your computer system cool and also helps to reduce the noise. The user can change the computer fan speed manually and automatically. In this article, you will read the method to control the Fan speed of Windows. For more help related to Window error, the user[…]

How You can Use Microsoft Office doc Imaging Tool to Scan the Text?

Microsoft Office is the advanced application of Microsoft which helps the user in many ways. The MS Office doc Imaging tool is the great feature designed by Microsoft which is installed by default. This feature comes in Windows 2003 and also there in the earlier version of MS Office. You can install this feature of[…]

How To Resolve If Outlook Security Setting Not Configured?

Outlook application is the famous application of MS Office which is used to organize emails, calendar, and files in one app. If the computer user uses Outlook application then they must know its Security Mode should be configured in order to use Group Policy settings. Also, its security settings should be configured for the general[…]

If There is Error Writing To File! How To Fix It?

Generally, Error Writing to File error displays when the user is trying to install the software but it stops you to complete the installation. So, in this blog you will read the solution of this problem Error Wring to File. For help, user can call the customer care of Microsoft via click here to[…]

What are the Ways to Resolve OLE Header Corruption in Excel?

If the user is facing OLE Header Corruption issue and cannot be able to perform any activity in Excel. This error basically occur due to sudden power cut off, file is not supported by current version, sudden hard disk failure, and also due to unknown virus or malware attack. For assistance, you should contact Microsoft[…]

If Microsoft Team File is Locked Error in Window PC! How to Fix it?

Today, many companies adopt group chat and also shared file collaboration solutions just to increase their employee productivity. And lots of files are shared on Microsoft Teams every day by the employees, so that the teams can successfully collaborate. But if the user cannot share files on Microsoft Team then this blog is really helpful[…]