Scan Multiple Pages With Microsoft One Drive:

Today, most of the people are working from home these days but at home they do not have office equipment like printers and scanners. Shortage of these things makes their work harder and inconvenient. Hence, Microsoft has introduced a free scanning feature for its One Drive users. You can use this feature from your One Drive mobile app. Through this feature you can scan multiple pages and also performs the task of any scanner, you can get a digital copy of a physical document like photos, receipts etc. without much effort. You can enjoy this One Drive feature by installing MS Office on your device through MS Office is well known software which increases the productivity of the user and makes their work easy. You can use this software on the devices like Window OS, Mac, Computers, Laptops, and Android Phones. The scanning feature of One Drive is a premium feature which requires Microsoft 365 subscription. In this blog, you will read how to scan multiple pages with MS One Drive.

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What is Microsoft One Drive Scanning?

With this One Drive scanning, you can scan business cards, physical document and whiteboards. For this, you have to open the app and touch the camera icon of your phone. Earlier this feature is available for Microsoft 365 users only but now the users with One Drive personal account can scan multiple pages. You should have the latest version of the One Drive app installed on Android or iOS.

When scanning complete, you can easily converts the scanned file into a PDF file. You can save the file, share it and mark up this PDF with text picture. And also you can access the scanned file from any device and any location by using One Drive.  You can scan the document by touching the pencil icon, and then sign it with your finger. After this, save the document and then you can share it with your contacts. With multi-page scanning feature, you can scan old photographs, handwritten schoolwork, drawings and artwork, receipts, whiteboard notes, business cards, etc. It also gives safety for your confidential documents and you can also store these valuable documents in the One Drive Personal Vault. You can scan up to 10 pages at a time. sources

Steps For Scanning the One Drive App:

  1. You can scan old photographs and then share with your friends and family.
  2. You can also scan the handwritten schoolwork and then you can submit it online or through email.
  3. You can scan the document, then just you have to touch the pencil icon and then just sign it with your finger. After this, save the document and share it.
  4. You can scan your child’s artwork and then share it with your family.
  5. You should keep the digital copies of your receipts and then just save them to a “receipts” folder.
  6. You can easily capture whiteboard notes.
  7. You can secure all important documents with One Drive Personal Vault.

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