Online Collaboration Platform- Microsoft Team vs Slack:

Both Microsoft Team and Slack are famous online collaboration platform. In this, we have compared the features of both the collaboration tool so that you can properly choose the best for you and conveniently collaborate with your co-workers. Both the tools support the devices like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can use any web browser for accessing these collaboration tools. You can install the amazing application Microsoft Team through Both the tool helps in file sharing and has integration with third party apps.

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Slack is for workers and gives more themes for customizing the interface; whereas Microsoft Teams has full integration with Microsoft 365 and also gives more features than Slack. Both the online collaboration platforms give you flexible premium options. In this blog, you will read the comparison between the Microsoft Team and Slack.

Comparison Between Microsoft Team and Slack:

  • Chat and Video Conference:

In Slack, you will get free 1-on-1 voice or video calls but in MS Team you will get free conference call with up to 250 people. In Slack Paid plan you can do video calls with up to 15 people. Whereas in Team, you can record voice or video calls. Screen Sharing is available in both the tools. Teams give you superior voice and video quality and it is integrated with Skype. In Team, has less restrictions than the Slack.

  • Apps Integration:

Slack has 10 free app integrations and also provide unlimited integrations with paid plans. Slack gives free Slackbot, in which ask slackbot question about its subscription and updates features. Slack supports over 800 third-party apps. Whereas, Microsoft Teams has 140 free app integrations. Its paid plan support WhoBot. It provides Scheduling and shift management tools and also integrates with Microsoft Phone System Auto Attendant.

  • Pricing:

For small businesses, the free versions of Slack and Microsoft Teams are sufficient. But both give you premium package for larger organizations. In Slack, there are unlimited free users and also gives you 5GB of free storage space. And the standard plan of Slack comes with 10 GB of storage per user. Plus plan of Slack comes with 20 GB of storage per user. And the Enterprise plan comes with 1TB of storage per user. Whereas, Microsoft Teams gives you free screen sharing and free guest access. Free version of Microsoft Teams supports more applications than Slack, it comes with less free storage space. The Microsoft 365 Business Essentials plan, still limits workspaces to 300 users, and offer 10 GB storage per user. Its features are OneDrive integration, screen recording for meetings, and email hosting with Microsoft Exchange. The Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan offers unlimited storage space with two-factor authentication.

 Hence, Microsoft Team is the collaboration tool than Slack. If you want more information, then you can call the expert of MS Office on toll free number. For details, you can go to the site through