New One Drive Feature Across Microsoft 365:

Due to coronavirus pandemic, people are doing everything remotely like jobs, meetings, online kids’ schools classes etc. So, it is very necessary that you use the right apps to stay productive while working remotely and also to stay connected with your family and friends. Hence, Microsoft has introduced new OneDrive features which give more connected files experience to business users, more control to admins, and a more connection with your loved ones. The latest feature introduced for business user is Add to One Drive, through this you can add shared folders directly to your One Drive. With this feature, you can bring all your shared content to one place and you can also work with shared content. You can install One Drive application of MS Office through

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New One Drive Feature- Add to One Drive:

This feature makes your file experience more connected, flexible, secure and personal.

  • More Connected:

Team Sharing Integration: You can create and share links of the files and the other people can also edit the same file like the people of the same organization, people with existing access or people in group chat.

Synced Metadata Support: This feature will add structure and compliance to your files. There is the update to the One Drive which will enable business users to edit content in their synced libraries.

Move and Keep Sharing: This helps to keep sharing with the collaborators when they move their files.

  • More Flexible:

100 GB File Updates: The upload file size limit is increased from 15 GB to 100 GB in One Drive and SharePoint. It is helpful for business users who work on large file types such as 3D, CAD, and media files.

Comment Notification: You can turn off comment notifications for individual files. It will only affect that file, not all files.

Address Bar Sharing: You can share links copied from your browser address bar with your colleagues. This helps in easy collaboration within your organization.

  • More Control:

Enhanced File Protection And Governance: This will strengthen file protection and governance in One Drive and SharePoint. It has Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity labels with protection, automatic classification with sensitively labels, sensitivity labels for SharePoint sites, and information barriers.

Streamlined Admin Experience: This has new option so that you can easily migrate content to One Drive.

  • More Personal:

Family and Group Sharing: You can stay connected with your family and group sharing in One Drive. Through this you can easily share files, photos, videos, and albums with any group you want to stay connected.

Dark Mode for the web: It introduces dark mode for the web across commercial and personal account. Dark Mode also reduces eye strains and increases your device battery life.

You can better collaborate with your family and friends.

This feature of One Drive, has made the life of the user easy. If you want more details, then you can visit to the website of MS Office through

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