Microsoft Silverlight End of Support:

Microsoft Silverlight is a framework built for rich web. applications, and it is presently supported by Internet Explorer 11. But now, Microsoft Silverlight has reached the end of support on October 12, 2021, which means Silverlight will no longer receive any help. It will not be supported by Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Epic, and any other browsers.

When Microsoft officially launches Windows 11, then it will drop Silverlight. Hence, the user of Silverlight keeps in mind that the Silverlight installer will not be available to you after October 12, so here is the time if you want to download it. Note that if your Microsoft product is retired, you can use Silverlight through Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer Mode. Which means Silverlight will live on, but in a state which is not different from death?

The current level of Support Status is Microsoft will give technical help to the users of Silverlight 5. The companies who are using Silverlight the application should start thinking to migrate to the 2020 technology, so that they do not encounter any problems in the future. As you all know that unsupported technologies are the most significant Security Threats for any company because if any company detect flaws in the application, then it will never be fixed by the vendor.

Just note that after October 12, 2021, the Silverlight application will be unsupported, and Microsoft will not provide future quality or security updates. Most importantly, the Silverlight license is perpetual, so the support end date will not affect the permit, and the customer can use the software till they have access. But Silverlight installer will not be licensed for redistribution after October 12, 2021.

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