Microsoft SharePoint simplifies Storage Management and how to use it?

Microsoft Office is the software which is developed by Microsoft and you can install this software through  This is the well known software which has many applications for the user. It has been estimated that no other software has the ability to compete with this software. It is consist of many IT applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and SharePoint etc. These applications perform different function for the better convenience of customer.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is the application of MS Office which is used for data storage, collaboration and also for document management.  Many companies use this software because it increases the productivity of the organization. It is used for building web apps and you can access data from multiple devices.

How to Use MS SharePoint?

SharePoint is the application of Office 365, and is used only for business accounts.  In the next step of using SharePoint is a Site. You have to set up a Site, after this you can add content or widgets to it. It is used to be as a CMS like Word Press, in which you input the content. The Office 365 version is used as a collaboration space.

How MS SharePoint simplifies Storage Management?

MS Office has introduced the new storage model i.e. MS SharePoint, entirely based on your usage and also makes it easier to manage the availability of storage.

New Usage Model:

In this, the administrator can reclaim a lot more in SharePoint online pooled Storage because the reserved storage only applies at the tenant level for SharePoint Online. Site collections have no blocks of reserved storage. Actual storage used counts against total pooled storage.

Auto v/s Manual:

In this the admin will notice the new site collection storage management toggle switch. Under the setting, Auto will ensure storage management and Manual –admin can see storage usage limits per site collections. New customers set Auto by default in which they can switch to Manual at any time. Your site collection will only use the available pooled storage.

But in the new usage based model, existing customer is set to Manual by default and can opt to auto. In Manual, they can set the usage limit per site collection. Now you can create many site collections.

Now, you can easily manage storage for Share Point Online Team sites based on your usage. For more details, you can visit to the official website of MS Office through And they are there for your support all the time.