Microsoft 365 Introduced Set of Innovation in Voice, Digital Ink and Touch:

Today, Microsoft Office counts as a major player in the software industry. And its team wants people to work in more intuitive and in natural way. This software is used by professionals, students, and teachers and also by parents. It is easy to use and you can install this software through  The main motive of this software is to increase the productivity of the people. There are lots of applications in MS Office which makes the work of the people convenient, faster and easier. So, Microsoft has introduced a set of innovations so that people become more productive when they are away from their desktop, utilizing voice, digital pen and touch.

Transcribing Audio Files And Records in Word:

Earlier people used to spend lot of time in transcribing their recorded audio interviews and records into Word. But, now Microsoft has helped all the professional to upload their own file or record in Word. For this, first you have to upload or record your audio and then the One Drive will secure your audio and then display the written audio transcription in the side panel. And this will allows you to easily transcript your document to edit. This transcript is separated by speakers and also into relevant content and the interactive panel allows you to find and verify the perfect quote.

Input Data in your Excel Workbooks with Digital Pen:

On Excel, you can do complex data analytics, but now it is not necessary to sit on the desk to use it. Now, people use to fill checklists, research reports, a clipboard and then type into their computer later. To check the issues, you can see what your digital pen can do in Excel. Workers, professionals, and students can write, edit, or delete values with the help of digital pen. So, now it becomes productive and stay connected for workers who do not find desk to work.

Device With Touch Interface:

The devices with a touch interface people can create expressive ink comments, and can use the dictation to provide feedback. With Ink Editor capability, anyone can review a document and complete that task by using tablet, digital pen, and voice. this blog

group of touchscreen devices with colorful interface with color icons and buttons and a hand touching the screen isolated on white background

With the increased time, Microsoft Office is introducing new things to increase the productivity of the user. For more details or information you can visit to the official website of MS Office through For help, you can call to the customer care executive any time on their toll free number.

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