Important to Install Window Update and

Microsoft Office is the popular software in the world which makes the work of every user easier and comfortable. This software has all the important application like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook etc. And these applications help in formatting, editing, creating text document, and also useful in making presentation etc. This software is developed by Microsoft. You can install this software through

Every update comes with security patches. And these security updates protect your device from malware and viruses. If your Windows are not secured then it will impact the stability of your Operating System. And most importantly, it you must update your Windows because sometimes updates comes with new features. Window OS contains errors, incompatibility issues, security loopholes and also outdated software. And the latest Window will fix the vulnerabilities. If you have antivirus in your system then also it will not protect the Window Security issues.

Consequences of Not Installing Update:

The consequences of not installing updates are it will damage your software, loss of data, and also identity theft. This happens because the users don’t install software updates. It also exploits the loopholes which usually exist in every software. When security update is available, you should install the updates first just to protect your system from malware attacks.

List of Updates:

  • Critical Updates:

Critical updates fix the specific problem which is related to the non security related bug.

  • Security Updates:

Security updates will fix a product-specific, and the security-related vulnerability.

  • Monthly Rollup:

Monthly Rollups include both reliability and security updates. Monthly Rollup is product specific and it has both new security issues and non security issues. This update is known as Important Update. If your Window update settings are configured, then it will automatically update and install important update.

  • Service Update:

Service pack is a set of security updates, critical updates, and other updates. Service packs contain additional fixes for problem and it also has customer-requested design changes or features. click here

  • Non-Critical Updates:

Non critical updates are not responsible for security vulnerabilities, so it impact the performance and stability of Windows. This update helps to resolve Windows issues and so that you should have smooth running System.

So, for more information about update and patches you should visit to the official website of MS Office through To contact the customer care executive you can call on their toll free number anytime from anywhere.

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