If You Get “This Website is Not Allowed” Error! How to Fix it?

There are some sites which are location specific and which stops users from accessing the site. So, to fix this issue you should use VPN unblocking section. In this blog, you will read the solution of this issue. For help, visit Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.

Method to Fix “This Website is Not Allowed” Error:

1. Switch to Another Browser:

To fix the issue, you should install the Opera browser. Next, you should activate Opera’s VPN. For this, you need to go to Menu and then click on Settings and after this, tap on Privacy. Here, you will see an icon on the address bar which shows you the VPN status.

2. Bypass Website’s Regional Restrictions with VPN:

For this, you should download the VPN software in your device. Then, you need to Sign up or Sign in option. After this, you should activate the VPN and also select a secure server location.

Sometimes you cannot access the content of the site, if it has region restricted online content but you can unblock these sites by using VPN. To access an online VPN service, you should visit to hide.me/en/proxy. And then paste the link to the site in the address bar. At this point, you should select Proxy location and security options. At last, you need to click Visit anonymously. Now, the website is unblocked/allowed. For more details, tap on office.com/setup.

3. Check Firewall Settings:

For this, first you need to press WinKey + S or Q to open the search bar. After this, you need to type Firewall and just right-click on it to open. Now, you should check Windows Firewall state in order to see if it is on or off. Here, you need to check the status of the browser by clicking on Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall. At this point, you will see the Allowed apps and features window. Then, tap on Allow another app in order to add the browser to the list. Now, you will see the Add a Program window. Just tap on Browse, in order to go to the browser software directory. Here, you need to double-click on exe or Firefox.exe. Next, you need to click on Add option. Here, you should make sure that the three boxes are checked and hit on Ok button in order to add the browser to the list of allowed applications. At last, you should retry the website by using the browser which is now added to the Allowed apps and features list and here the site will open.

4. Check DNS settings and Clear the Cache:

For this, you need to press Windows key + R, and then type in cmd in the search box. After this, tap on Ok button in order to launch Windows Command Prompt. Here in the Command Prompt screen, you need to type in ipconfig/flushdns and hit on Enter key.

The above method will help you to solve this Website is Not Allowed error. If the user need information, just visit to the site of Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.

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