If Window 11 Webcam Not Working! How to Fix it?

Sometimes, when the user is using Window 11 then they faces issue like its Webcam is not working. So, in order to fix this issue the user must read the below steps. For more information, the customer should go to MS Office via www.office.com/setup.

Method To Fix If Window 11 Webcam Not Working:

  • Firstly, the user should verify the camera manufacturer’s website in order to confirm that it is compatible with Windows 11. Normally, webcams shows the maker on the front. But keep in mind, old cameras do not work with newer versions of Windows and also they do not respond to the troubleshooting tips. Hence, to fix the issue the user has to purchase a newer camera.
  • To fix the issue, you must Restart your computer system. Because, reboot can fix many problems. It is possible that another app or browser tab might be using the camera. And if you restart the whole PC, then the webcam will get disconnected from those sources. To reboot Windows 11, you should go to Start menu: just right-click on it and then just go to Shut down or sign out. At the end, just Restart your PC.
  • If in case, the webcam is attached through a cord, then just unplug it and again, plug it back. You should use a different port to remove the first port, this might fix the issue.
  • The user must check that the camera lens should be free from debris. If incase, it is new and has a plastic over it, or it has some kind of privacy cover over it, just remove those covers. This might be fix the issue.
  • You should check the application on which you are using the webcam is set up properly like web browser or desktop program etc.

Keep in mind that Windows 11 has its own controls: For this, you should go to Settings and then click on Privacy and hit on Camera. Here, you need to toggle on both Allow access to the camera on this device and Allow apps to access your camera. At this point, you should also check the apps are enabled and has the rights to use the webcam.

  • You should temporarily disable antivirus, firewall and privacy software. Because, there are some programs which have built in webcam protection which might be blocking it. If you turn off these programs, then it will make the camera work. Or you can check the settings which should be changed and then you should re-enable them. It might be your Webcam Protection option which is enabled, which stops your apps from using the camera.
  • You should uninstall the camera from Device Manager in order to force Windows to reinstall the driver. For this, you should open the Imaging devices area of Device Manager, and then right-click on the camera and then select Uninstall device. At last, click on Uninstall and then just restart the computer.

With the above solutions, you can fix the issue if Window 11 Webcam is not working. For help, the user can visit to Microsoft via office.com/setup365.

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