If Window 11 Stuck on Preparing Window Screen How to Fix it?

Sometimes, Window 11 users complaints that there Operating System gets stuck while they are updating. This error occurs because of the corrupted missing files or if it does not have necessary hardware requirements. For more assistance, the computer user can visit to the official site of Microsoft through office.com/setup. In this blog, you will learn the method to fix if Window 11 Stuck on Preparing Window Screen.

Method To Fix If Window 11 Stuck on Preparing Window Screen:

1. Restart Computer:

For this, the user needs to tap on the Ctrl+ Alt+ Del keys simultaneously to open the Lock screen. After this, in the bottom right side of the screen, you should hit on the Power icon. You will view a small window displays which has several options. At the end, you need to choose Restart option just to restart the PC. Restarting will fix the issue.

2. Boot Windows 11 into Safe Mode:

If you stuck on the configuration screen, you need to press the F11 key again and again. It is advised you should not stop and just press the key till Advanced Startup screen displays on your screen. Now in Advanced Startup, you need to choose Troubleshoot option. Here in the new window, you should choose Advanced options. When you are on another page, you should choose Startup settings. Next, you will view a list of changes which displays on your screen. At this point, you have to tap on Restart after you read the options. Next, you need to choose F5  i.e. Enable Safe Mode with Networking. Now, your Window 11 PC is in Safe Mode. After this, you should close the Microsoft Edge window which displays on your screen. Next, you need to move the Windows Start icon which is located on the bottom bar and then right tap on it. Just select Shut down or sign out option. From the new drop down menu, you should choose Restart option. If it restarts, then your PC is free from locked updating screen.

3. Initiate Automatic Startup Repair:

First of all, you should go back to the Advanced Startup screen and then choose Troubleshoot option. After this, you should tap on Advanced options. Now, you should choose Startup Repair option. Lastly, you need to choose Shut down the computer or tap on Advanced options.

4. Uninstall Updates:

In the Advanced Startup page, you should choose Troubleshoot option. Now, again you need to choose Advanced options. Then in the upper right side, you should choose Uninstall Updates. Here, there are two options Uninstall latest quality update and Uninstall latest feature update. At this point, you should choose Uninstall latest quality update to go back to the previous version of Windows 11. It will take you to a new window which asks if you wish to uninstall the update. And then choose Uninstall quality update. After sometimes, you will see a message which says that the last update has been removed. Next on the new window, you need to tap on Done option. At last, you need to hit on Continue option to exit and then visit to your Windows 11 home screen.

For more help, you should navigate to the official site of Microsoft Office through www.office.com/setup.