If Window 11 Has No Sound! How to Fix It?

Normally, user face Window 11 sound issues because of outdated or incompatible device drivers. If the user needs more support in fixing the issue, visit to office.com/myaccount

Method To Fix If Window 11 has No Sound:

  • Check your Sound Device is Connected Properly:

First of all, you should make sure your sound output device is plugged in the computer.  Check that the cable connection isn’t loose. The user should also try to plug USB sound devices into other USB ports in your laptop. This will fix the issue of sound distortion in Window 11.

  • Open Play Audio Troubleshooter:

The user should hit on Start button in Windows 11’s taskbar. After this, you should tap on Settings app from the Start menu. Here on the System tab, you need to choose Troubleshoot option. After this, you should choose Other troubleshooters in order to open a list of troubleshooters in Settings. At this point, you should hit on Run button for the Play Audio troubleshooter. Now, you should wait for the Play Audio troubleshooter to opens in order to detect the issues. In the end, you should apply the solutions to fix the issue.

  • Update Sound Device’s Driver:

For this, you need to open Device Manager. After this, you need to double-tap on Audio inputs and outputs in Device Manager. Here, you should right-tap on the output sound device and then choose Update driver. In the end, hit on Search automatically for drivers button.

  • Update Windows 11:

To update Window 11, you need to tap on the magnifying glass taskbar option for search utility. After this in the search box, you should type the keyword Windows update. Here, you need to tap on Windows Update settings in order to open the tab. At last, you should tap on the Check for updates button in order to download and install the new updates for Windows 11.

  • Restart Windows Audio service:

To restart Window Audio Service, you should right-hit on the taskbar’s Start button in order to open the Run box on the open menu. And to open Services, the user needs to type the text in Run’s Open box and hit on OK button:


At this point, you need to right-tap on the Windows Audio service and then choose Restart button. You need to repeat the steps for Windows Audio Endpoint Builder and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) services.

  • Reinstall Driver for PC’s sound output device:

To reinstall driver, you need to tap on the Windows key + X hotkey altogether to open a shortcut menu. After this, you need to choose Device Manager shortcut on the menu. Here, you need to double-tap on the Audio inputs and output category which is on the top of Device Manager. At this point, you need to right-tap on the output audio device and then select Uninstall device. The user should tap on Uninstall button which is on the confirmation dialog box window. In the end, restart Windows 11.

The above procedure will fix the issue of Window 11 has No Sound Problem. To fix this problem if you require help, go to office.com/setup.

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