If Window 10 Randomly Freezes/ Hangs! How to Fix it?

If the user is facing the issue such as Computer hangs or freezes. Then, the customer can visit to the site of Microsoft Office via office.com/setup for help. In this blog, you will read the method to fix if Computer randomly hangs or freezes.

Reasons If Computer Randomly Freezes or Hangs:

The reasons if computer randomly freezes or hangs are Due to overheating, Diver Corruption or Errors, Virus /malware infected, Outdated Windows system, Software issues, Hard disk issues and Lack of memory.

Solution To fix If Computer Randomly Freezes or Hangs:

1. Run a Virus Scan:

If your computer freezes, getting error or crashing then the reason behind this is virus. So, you should keep your Windows 10 computer virus free. Generally, scanning your computer for viruses depend upon the antivirus program. For this, you should select C: drive or the other disk which has malicious program or virus. After this, you should hit on the button in order to begin the scanning process. The user can use Spyhunter tool to remove viruses, malware and other malicious program from their PC.

2. Uninstall Programs Which are Not in Use:

In case, the user purchase a new computer then it is full of unwanted programs which runs in the background and consumes lots of memory. So, it is important to remove the unwanted program. For this, you should move to the control panel and then tap on Add/Remove Programs. After this, you should choose the program which you wish to uninstall and then hit on “Change/Remove“. The user can also choose uninstall or a file something such as “uninstall.exe” in program files. In case, the user wants to easily uninstall programs from your system then they should use Revo Uninstaller. This software will uninstall the programs and also remove the leftover files of the removed programs.

3. Increase More RAM:

Sometimes, this issue occurs because of RAM issue. If there is insufficient RAM then it will cause many issues such as freezing, hanging, and crashing. The applications and the 3D games which the user installed in their devices, also makes your computer system freezes. And might be the motherbord, CPU, or Power Supply is not working properly. In this situation, you should upgrade the RAM. go to visit office.com/myaccount

4. Run System File Checker:

For this, you should visit to Windows Start menu and then run Command Prompt as admin. After this, in the CMD you should type “sfc /scannow” and then hit Enter. Now, you will see the Windows scan your computer system for corrupt system files.

5. Close Application Which Are Not Use:

You should not minimize the programs which are not in use, just close them. In case, you need that page then you should bookmark the page on a web browser or you can also save the process if the user is using Mozilla Firefox in order to save the page. If the user wants to close the window, then they should press ALT+F4 or they can press ALT+TAB to go to any open windows.

Through this way, the user can fix the issue if Window 10 randomly freezes or hangs. If the customer want detail, then visit to Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.

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