If Window 10/11 Keeps Forgetting Your Network Credential! How to Fix It?

If the user finds that Window 10/11 keeps forgetting the Network Credential. To fix this issue, you should read the below method to fix Window 10/11 keeps forgetting Network Credential. For help, visit to www.office.com/myaccount.

Method To Fix If Window 10/11 Keeps Forgetting Your Network Credential:

  • Forget and Re-establish Network:

For this, first you should tap on the Wireless icon which is in the Taskbar’s Notification area. After this, you should right-tap on your Wi-Fi network and then hit on Forget option. At this point, you should Restart the system. It will open the list of available Wi-Fi networks and then hit on your network. Here, you need to check the box of “Connect automatically” and then hit on Connect button. Again, you need to Restart your PC and then check for improvements.

  • Install Network Adapter Drivers:

First, you need to right-tap on the Start menu and then open Device Manager. After this, you should go to Network adapters and then expand it. Now, you should right-tap on your WLAN (Wireless) adapter and just Uninstall it. Here, you need to Restart your PC and then again open Device Manager. At last, drivers will install automatically but if in case they won’t, then at the toolbar you need to tap on “Scan for hardware changes”.

  • Check your Router Setting:

The user should check their router settings. They can switch between the security protocols like from WPA/WPA2 to WEP and vice versa. After this, you can change your SSID name and do not use scarce Unicode letters. Now, you need to update your firmware. At last, you should reset your router to factory settings.

  • Inspect Credential Manager:

If you want to access Credential manager, then you should have administrative permission. After this, you can delete your credentials and again re-establish them.

In the Credential Manager, if you want to remove Windows 10 Wi-Fi credentials then you should go to the Windows search bar and then type Credential. Then from the list of result, you should open Credential Manager. Here, you need to choose Windows Credentials. At this point, you should choose Wi-Fi-related credential input and then expand it. Now, you should tap Remove option and then restart your PC. At the end, again configure Wi-Fi connection and then look for changes.

  • Restart wireless service:

The user need to hold Windows key + R to open the Run command-line. Now in the dialog box, you need to type services.msc and tap on Enter key. After this, you should go to WLAN AutoConfig and Wi-Fi Direct Services Connection Management services and just stop both of them. Here, you should not close the Services window and go to the system partition. Go to this path:


In case, you cannot view ProgramData, then enable Hidden items just by choosing View options from the Toolbar and then check the box of ”Hidden items”. Then, you should delete all content from the Wlansvc folder with the Profiles.  At this point, again go to Service and then start both the services WLAN AutoConfig and Wi-Fi Direct Services Connection Management. At last, Restart your PC.

  • Disable Secure Boot:

To disable Secure Boot, first in the Windows Search bar, you need to type Recovery and then just open Recovery options. Now under the Advanced Startup, you need to tap on Restart now button. Here, you should choose Troubleshoot button and then select Advanced Options. At this point, you should select UEFI Firmware settings and then tap on Restart. After this, you should find Secure Boot and then disable it. At last, you should start your Computer and you will find the error will be gone.

With this method, the user can fix the Window 10/11 keeps forgetting your Network Credential. For details, go to office.com/myaccount.

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