If Unable To Access JarFiles Error on Window 10! How To Fix it?

Jar is known as Java Archive in which you can collect many files into it. Usually, the user faces this issue if you don’t have compatible software to open. To fix this issue, you should use file openers and update the Java version. In this blog, you will read the method to fix if Unable to access JarFiles on Window 10. For more information, visit to Microsoft site via www.office.com/setup.

Method To Fix If Unable To Access JarFiles Error on Window 10:

1. Use File Opener Software:

To fix this issue, you should use software which can open multiple file formats. With this software, you can access any file type without impacting on the quality of the content. You can also convert your files, archive them and unarchive them with this software.

2. Update your Java Version:

For this, you should press Win key + R key at the same time just to open Run. After this, you need to input appwiz.cpl in the Run text box and then hit on OK button. Now, you need to enter Java in the Search Programs search box. Keep in mind the version is listed in the Version column i.e. Java version 8 update 251. At this point, you should view the latest Java version and then you should compare it with the one which you have installed. In case, your Java version is older then you should go back to Control panel. For this, you should right-tap on Java and then choose Uninstall option. Here, you need to choose Yes option to uninstall. Then from the Java website, you should press Agree and Start Free Java Download button in order to save the JRE setup wizard. Next, you need to open the folder where you have saved the setup wizard and then right-tap on the Java install wizard and just choose Run as administrator.  At last, you should tap on the Install button which is on the setup wizard’s window to install Java.

3. Select Java as Default Program for JarFiles:

First, you have to open File Explorer and then open the folder which has your JarFile. After this, you should right-tap on the Jar file and then choose Open with and then select Choose another app. Now, you should choose Java if it is there in the default programs. If it is not there, then you should choose Look for another app on this PC option. Here, you should browse to the Java bin folder and then choose Java and tap on Open button. At this point, tap on OK option on the Open with window. Lastly, you should tap on Jar just to launch its program.

4. Choose Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives option:

The user should open File Explorer. After this, you should tap on the View tab and then hit on Options button just to open the window. Now, choose the View tab. At this point, you should choose Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives option. Lastly, tap on Apply and OK button in order to close the window.

5. Open Jarfix Software:

To fix the issue, you should open Jarfix software just to fix Java programs which are not starting. It helps to fix the Jar filetype associations. For this, you should tap on jarfix.exe in order to save the software to a folder. Then, tap on jarfix.exe to open the window and just fix Jar association.

The above method helps to fix the issue if Unable To Access JarFile Error in Window 10. If the customer need more details related to the error, then they can visit to the official website of MS Office via office.com/setup.