If Touch ID Not Working on Phone! How To Fix it?

If the customer set up Touch ID on their iPhone or iPad but they cannot scan their fingerprint, then they should read this blog. If the user need help in installing MS Office software in their device, then they can go to www.office.com/setup.

Method To Fix If Touch ID Not Working on Phone:

  1. You should first check that the fingerprint reader and also your finger is properly dry and clean.
  2. The user should use a lint-free cloth so that you can clear away anything which is there on your finger or device which is interrupting the fingerprint reader. Because, if in case there is a tiny bit of water or sweat will make it difficult for your iPhone or iPad to read your fingerprint.
  3. If in case, the Home button has grime, then you should clean it in a circular motion just around the edge of the Home button and after that, you should do it in reverse in order to clean as much as possible.
  4. You should scan your fingerprint properly. Here, you should lightly touch the Home button and then just give it a few seconds to read your print. It is suggested you should not press too hard on the button and also make sure your whole finger is on the reader and you should not move your finger around when you are scanning.
  5. It is advised you should remove your case and the screen protector if it comes in between the fingerprint scanner. go to visit www.office.com/myaccont
  6. Remember, the case is not only comes in between but also produce too much heat and stop the Touch ID sensor from reading your fingerprint properly.
  7. You should hard reboot your device. Keep in mind the Touch ID issue can be temporary and it can solve with a reboot.
  8. To fix this issue, you should go to Settings and then click on Touch ID & Passcode and also disable all of the options which you view in your device. After this, you should restart your iPhone or your iPad. At last, you should re-enable the features which you want turned on.
  9. You can also fix it by deleting your existing fingerprint and then just restart your device. If the iPad turns on again, then you should enroll a new finger.
  10. You should update your device through wirelessly or via iTunes. Because update fixes many bugs or other problem related to your device.
  11. You should Reset your device’s network settings.
  12. You can also Reset your device in order to fully erase all the software and then just start from scratch.
  13. To fix this issue, the user can also contact to the Apple for a malfunctioning of Touch ID sensor.
  14. The user must check the damages if they have serviced the device themselves.

Through this way, the user can easily fix the issue If Touch ID Not Working on Phone. If the customer wants to install MS Office software in their device, then they can go to office.com/setup.

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