If There is Corrupted Mouse Pointer in Window 10! How to Fix it?

If the mouse pointer gets corrupted then the user cannot do more work on a PC. To fix this issue, you should update the mouse drivers and temporarily disable the screensavers. In this published article, you will read the solution to fix corrupted mouse pointer in Window 10. And for more help, the user can navigate to the official site of Microsoft Office via www.office.com/setup.

Method To Fix Corrupted Mouse Pointer in Window 10:

1. Choose Display Pointer Trails Option:

You have to select the mouse pointer trail option. Then, you need to open Run dialog box by hitting Windows key + R key at the same time. Now, you have to enter Control Panel in the Open text box and then click on OK button. After this, you should click on Mouse in order to open the window. Here, you have to select the Pointer Options tab. At this point, you should tap on the Display pointer trails option. If in case, you want to remove the trail effect from the cursor, then you should drag the Display pointer trails bar at the far left. Lastly, tap on Apply and Ok button to close window.

2. Update Mouse Drivers:

First, you need to tap on Win+R key in order to open the run dialog box and then write devmgmt.msc. After this, you should open the Device Manager and then visit to Mice and the other pointing device. Here, you should select the installed mouse and then tap on Update driver. Lastly, follow the directions which are given on the screen.

You can also update your drivers by using the tool i.e. DriverFix which will automatically update your drivers.

3. Turn Off Screensaver:

For this, you need to tap on Type here to search button on the taskbar. After this, you should enter screen saver in the Windows search box. Now, you have to select Change screen saver option in order to open the window. Here, you need to tap on the screensaver drop-down menu and then hit on None option. Lastly, you should choose Apply option and then hit on OK button in order to close the window.

4. Disconnect Secondary VDU:

Sometimes, the Mouse cursor gets corrupted when you use on dual monitor setups. So, to fix this issue you should disconnect the second VDU (Visual Display Unit). Or the user can turn off the second VDU with their display settings in Windows or through the Project sidebar.

5. Move Cursor Between Both VDU:

Sometimes, when the user move the cursor between two VDU, fixes the issue. Hence, it is advised you should rapidly move the cursor back and forth between two VDU in dual monitor setup. If you move the cursor on the right side of the taskbar, this will also fix the issue. To know more about Window, go to office.com/myaccount.

6. Choose Duplicate on the Project Sidebar:

If incase, the user have a dual monitor setup with the Extend display mode, then you should press Windows key + P hotkey in order to open the sidebar. After this, you should select the Duplicate display mode setting mode. Then, you again have to select Extend option in order to go back to the extended display mode.

7. Switch off Aero Effect:

If the user Switch off the Aero effect in Window 7, then this will fix the issue.  Here, the user can disable the Aero transparency in Window 7 just by doing right click on the computer and then select Personalize.  After this, you should tap on Window color and then just deselect Enable Transparency option. Lastly, you should choose the new Window 7 theme in the Basic and high Contrast Theme category.

For help, user can navigate to the Microsoft official site via office.com/setup.

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