If System Error 67 Occur on Window 10! How to Resolve it?

Basically, the customer encounters system error 67 when there is a Windows Server issue. It occurs when the user try to map a network drive. In this blog, you will read the solution to fix System Error 67. For help, contact MS Office support team via www.office.com/setup.

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Method To Troubleshoot System Error 67 on Window 10:

1. Update Network Adapter Driver for Domain Controller:

To fix this issue, you should update the network adapter driver on the domain controller server. For updating the network adapter driver, you can use DriverFix. This tool will scan your computer for missing and outdated device drivers. When they are identified, then you should use the adapter driver to update or download and install all of your out-of-date device drivers.

2. Check Command’s Syntax:

This error occurs because of the syntax error in the net map command. To resolve this, you should double-check the entered net map command. Then, check you’ve entered the correct slashes for the command. Remember, the basic syntax for the net map command is: net use * *IP Address*sharename. Keep in mind, that there should be backslashes, and not forward slashes, just around the command’s IP address. www.office.com/setup

3. Disable Network Address Translator:

To fix this error, you should disable the Network Address Translator. For this, you should right-click on the Start button and then select Device Manager in order to open the window. After this, you should click on the View menu. Now, you should select the Show hidden devices option. Here, you should double-click on the Non-Plug and Play Drivers category in Device Manager. At last, you should right-click on the IP Network Address Translator in order to select the Disable option.

4. Turn on Desktop Experience:

First, you need to tap on the Start button. After this, you should tap on the Administrative Tools which is on the Start menu. Then, you should select the Server Manager option in order to open that utility. Here, you should click on Features which is on the left of the Server Manager. At this point, you should tap on Add Features under Features Summary, which will open the window for you. Next, you have to select the Desktop Experience option. Then, you should tap on the Add Required Features button. Now, you have to click on Next option to continue. At last, you should press the Install button.

5. Turn off Hardened UNC Paths Policy:

To fix this issue, you should turn off the Hardened UNC Paths policy. For this, you should press the Windows + R hotkeys. Then, you have to enter gpedit.msc in Run dialog box and then click on OK button in order to open Group Policy Editor. After this, you should tap on Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Network and Network Provider which is located on the left of Group Policy Editor. Here, you should double-click Hardened UNC Paths which is located on the right of Group Policy Editor. Then, you have to select the Disabled radio button. And after this, you need to select the Apply option and then restart Windows.

If the customer still need help or support, then they can call the customer care of Microsoft via office.com/setup.

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