If System Cannot Move the File To Different Disk! How to Fix it

If the customer encounter issue like the system cannot move the file to different disk. Then to fix the issue, the user must read this blog. And for more details, just visit to Microsoft site via www.office.com/setup.

Method To Resolve If System Cannot Move the File To Different Disk:

1. Run Full System Scan:

As you all know that malware cause various problems in your computer. So, to fix the issue you should perform a full system scan to identify the malware in your computer system. For this, you should use Windows’ built-in antivirus i.e. Windows Defender or you can also use third-party reliable antivirus as this will save your time and identify the mistakes. This antivirus will helps to remove the unwanted apps, hijacker programs, toolbars and also the browser add-ons. It is also helpful in boosting your device’s performance by freeing up space in your device.

2. Repair Your Registry:

To repair the Registry, you can use the tool like CCleaner. Before using this tool, you should first backup your registry. You just have to download and install the program in your device and then perform the task. This will make your computer run faster and delete multiple files which slow down your device and occupy lot of RAM.

You can also run Microsoft SFC Scan, to check for system file corruption. For this, first you have to go to Start and then type cmd and after this, right-click on Command Prompt. Now, you have to choose Run as Administrator. Here, you should type the sfc /scannow command. At last, you need to wait for the scanning procedure to finish and then just restart your computer system.

3. Update Your OS:

It is advised you should run the latest Windows OS updates on your device. As Windows updates will improve the system’s stability and also fixes the various issues in your device. For this, you should visit to Windows Update, then check for updates and after this, install the available updates. In order to access the Windows Update section, you should type “update” in the search box and press Enter key. This will download the latest updates and this method is fit for all Windows versions. For help, tap on office.com/setup.

4. Remove Currently Installed Software:

If the user has currently installed software in their device, then you should first try to uninstall it. For this, you should visit to the Start option and then write Control Panel and after this, select the program which you have recently added. Now, you should tap on Uninstall option. Then, at last just restart your computer and again install the updates.

5. Manually Format Your Drive:

First, you need to navigate to Start and then type disk management. After this, you should select the Disk Management utility. Now, you need to right-click on the drive which you want to format and then choose the Format option. Then, just follow the instructions to customize the format process and then tap on OK button on the warning window. When the format procedure finishes, just use your drive. At last, you should again try to install updates.

These are some of the method which helps to fix the issue System cannot move the file to different disk. If the user need help, then click on www.office.com/setup.

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