If Skype Voicemail is Not Working! How to Fix it?

Skype provides you an instant messaging service and through this, you can make calls and share files. And the user can install this application by going to the official site of MS Office via www.office.com/setup. But some user’s faces issues like Skype voicemail isn’t working properly. And if the user wants to fix this issue, then they should make sure that call forwarding is enabled or they can temporarily disable call forwarding. In this blog, you will read the solution of issue If Skype Voicemail is not working.

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Methods to Resolve If Skype Voicemail Is Not Working:

  1. Check Call Forwarding is Enabled:

First, you should Sign in properly into your Skype account. After this, you should go to Manage features and then select Call forwarding and voicemail. After this, you should ensure that call forwarding is Enabled. At this point, you should go to the Skype profile picture which is located at the top and then click on Sign out option. Now, you should again Sign in. This method will help to solve the issues with voice messaging issue and then enable voicemail.

2. Temporarily Disable Call Forwarding:

For this, you should Sign out of Skype account. And then close the Skype application. After this, you should launch the Skype URL. And then you need to Login into Skype account through My Account on the Skype website. Now, you should locate Manage Features and then select Call forwarding and voicemail. Here, you should check the Call forwarding option just to disable it. At this point, you should wait for 5 minutes before you re-enable the call forwarding option. Then, Log out of the Skype website. Next, you need to Re-open the Skype application and then log in to Skype account. Now, you will see that Skype voicemail will start working properly again. www.office.com/setup

3. Change Privacy Settings:

First, from Skype settings you should go to Tools and then click on Options. After this, you should Select Privacy option and then you should Allow calls to my Skype Number(s) and then click on Anyone. At last, you should click on the Save option and then check if the problem is resolved or not.

4. Make Sure to Set up Skype Voicemail correctly:

You need to navigate to the Skype client page. After this, you should Log in to Skype and then just select Options. Now, you need to Locate the Tools menu. Just under menu, you should make sure that Receive unanswered calls as voice message is activated or it is checked.

The above mentioned method will help you to solve the issue if Skype voicemail is not working. If in case, the customer cannot be able to solve the issue with the above procedure, then they should contact to the customer care of Microsoft Office through office.com/setup. The experts of Microsoft are well trained and can easily solve the queries of the user. The executives are there for the help of the user all the time.

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